Tennessee “Switchblade” Bill clears Senate

Switchblade_animatedLegalization of automatic knives was supposed to have been a part of last year’s knife rights bill, which brought state preemption of local knife restrictions to Tennessee. However, due to a last minute lobbying effort from Sheriff Terry Ashe and the TN Sheriff’s Association this provision, as well as one allowing the carry of knives over 4″ in length, were stricken from the legislation.  Apparently, the hoplophobic Sheriff was afraid his deputies would mistake the sound of an automatic knife deploying with that of a racking pump shotgun.

To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of the two provisions’ demise may well have been exaggerated.  Thanks to the efforts of sponsor Sen. Mike Bell (R-Riceville), residents of the Volunteer State – myself included, might regain the freedom to part with our hard-earned money and acquire our very own Benchmade Adamas or Bradley Alias.  Or strap on a Bowie or other 4″+ blade and walk around in public because…’Murica.

Since autos are “cutier” than manually opening knives, the bill also makes it a felony to use one in the commission of a crime.  I will let this meaningless gesture (even legislative analysts say the bill might lead to a whopping 1 incarceration over the next 10 years), slide as it is just that…meaningless.

The bill passed the Tennessee Senate 24-1.  Given that last year’s bill originated in the House before getting castrated in the Senate, I am cautiously optimistic that I might find something spring-loaded in my Christmas stocking this year.

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  1. knightofbob says:

    I’ve got a couple of Benchmade autos. Can’t legally carry them anymore, but at least there’s nothing to prohibit me from owning them. I wish I lived in a place I could carry them, because even the utilitarian 9050 is a really nice carry piece, and the 3300 is a work of art.

  2. Morgan Gatorsee says:

    This is fantastic news! Between my SBR, Suppressors, and now possibly an auto knife TN may be the best state I have ever lived in!

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Tennessee “Switchblade” Bill clears Senate

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