Tennis star Petra Kvitova returns to French Open following knife attack

Petra Kvitova, 2-time Wimbledon Champion.

It has been less than 6 months since we brought you the harrowing tale of the knife-attack on 2-time Wimbledon Champion Petra Kvitova in the Czech Republic. Despite suffering tendon damage to her playing hand, she has returned from surgery and  rehabilitation and will take the court at this week’s French Open.

From Guardian UK:

She is still wary, and walks with a guarded eye now in public. Her attacker raked a knife across the fingers of her left hand, the one she uses for her job, and only three hours and 45 minutes of surgery the next day saved her from losing her career. Kvitova cannot discuss the attack but she said after confirming her place in the draw: “I did miss definitely the court, I did miss the fight. Now I can just enjoy everything, even the beautiful weather outside. Sometimes I just stand outside and see the sun and say: ‘Oh, it’s beautiful.’ I see different kind of things than before.”

With a protected ranking and seeded No15, she plays the world No85 Julia Boserup, a tall, 25-year-old Californian with a modest record over nine years. She missed a year and a half from 2012 with foot stress fractures. Still, Boserup might as well be Serena Williams, because Kvitova is charting new waters.

“It wasn’t easy,” she said of her ordeal. “My hand, it’s still not 100% ready, so we will see how everything goes, but I’m happy that I am able to play again. I had this hand in a splint for two months and, even then, I was practising every day, always putting the splint away and trying to make the scar softer.”


  1. VaqueroJustice says:

    Maybe we should take up a collection to buy her a tennis racket sword.
    There was one in an old Bob Hope movie, was it fancy pants ?
    A tennis racket shotgun would probably be more effective, anyway.

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Tennis star Petra Kvitova returns to French Open following knife attack

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