Testing update: Ontario TAK-1


Testing on the TAK continues. ‘Tis a burly thing…

I spent some time testing my Ontario Knife Company TAK this evening, so this is going to be a fairly brief post. I figure I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Earlier this week I cut down some saplings and built a cooking tripod (picture below the jump). Tonight I took the stack of target boards from my MTech Xtreme Tactical Throwing Knives review and reduced them to kindling.



The zinc coating continues to wear from the rigorous testing.

The knife continues to function beautifully. (Update: I did not notice some deflection in the blade from where I chopped my way through a knot. Picture below). The only knock is that the black zinc blade coating continues to wear away under the stress. While the blade side wear was from the cutting corrugated cardboard in an earlier test, the spine side wore off while batoning the boards. The marks on the cheeks are actually wood residue and will clean off with a little elbow grease.


Lots of batoning and a little cord yielded this cooking tripod.

Bushcraft testing continues. I am anxious to get this knife into water as it is 1095 Carbon and the anti-corrosive coating is wearing off. My guide season has wound down, and we are in the middle of a cold snap but I will get fishing when we experience a few warmer days. Stay tuned.


I cleaned the wood residue off the blade this morning and noticed that my beating my way through a couple of knots had bent the blade a bit. Not so much that I noticed last night when testing the edge post batoning, I was more interested on examining the destruction of the knife’s coating which I discussed above. It is just a little deflection at the blade’s edge. About 3/8″ long and about 3/16″ tall (not much past the primary/secondary bevel boundary)


That knot of pine must have been harder than I thought.

The knife is more or less fine.  Still perfectly usable, I just wanted to get that out there for your edification.



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Testing update: Ontario TAK-1

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