The Cutest Knife Review Video You’ll Ever See

I loved putting model airplane kits together when I was a boy. Combining my fascination with WWII aircraft with the literally intoxicating aroma of Tester’s Model Glue, model-building was a hobby I pursued for years.

Nobody will get stoned putting it together, but Nathan’s Knife Kit is an easy-to-assemble softwood knife kit from Columbia River Knife & Tool, and it’s a great gift for the younger knife enthusiast on your list. Too bad mine are already a little too old…

This $15 kit shows the knife geek in all of us exactly how a pocketknife is assembled, and how a rocker lock works. It’s a great tool for teaching children safe knife handling, with the advantage that it’s completely harmless when the grown-ups aren’t around.

Harmless softwood or not, I’m sure some kid somewhere will be expelled from school and sent to Elementary School Guantanamo for bringing one to class someday.


  1. Matt in FL says:

    That’s pretty neat. The lock snaps into place with a pretty impressive click.

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The Cutest Knife Review Video You’ll Ever See

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