The Knife Intifada continues: 4 Dead and 12 wounded in Jerusalem synagogue attack.


Two Palestinians, armed with meat cleavers and a pistol, attacked a Jerusalem synagogue and killed 4, including 3 American citizens.

I know that not all of our readers are as staunch in their support of Israel as I am personally, and those who read TTAK only because of our reviews and knife industry news may not appreciate when we digress into non-knife rights politics in particular. However, what is happening right now in Israel is the greatest current example of an intersection of knives in geopolitical events and bears mention here.

While many Libertarians have honest and legitimate questions about US support for Israel and others are openly anti-semetic, my libertarianism calls me to side with a pluralistic Democracy against an enemy who not only denies Israel’s right to exist, but would seek the extermination of all Jews (and Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, and secularists as well) if given the chance. There is nothing “libertarian” in being neutral in such a conflict.

There has been an outbreak of knife attacks by Palestinians on Israeli Jews. I do not say “citizens” because there are many Arabs and Christians who are also citizens of the State of Israel. This latest attack in Jerusalem saw 3 American citizens among those killed. A couple of weeks ago it was an Israeli soldier stabbed to death, today it was civilians at worship. Hamas makes no distinction between military or civilian, nor do they care about national boundaries. They are part of the larger Islamist machine.

(Update: a 5th person has died. One of the initial responding police officers, a member of the Druze minority, succumbed to his injuries.)

From the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

“At 7: 00 on Tuesday morning, 18 November 2014, two terrorists entered the Kehillat Bnei Torah building on Harav Shimon Agassi Street in the ultra-Orthodox Har Nof neighborhood in Jerusalem, which includes a synagogue and yeshiva, wielding a gun and butcher knives. They began attacking worshipers, stabbing them before opening fire. About 30 worshipers were in the midst of the morning prayers, wearing prayer shawls and phylacteries.

Police who arrived at the scene shortly after the attack began shot and killed the two terrorists.

Police confirm that four people were killed in the terror attack and eight wounded, three seriously and one critically. Two of the wounded are policemen, one in critical condition as doctors fight for his life.”

The Knife Intifada is a curious thing. It isn’t like the Hamas terrorists lack for weaponry. Obviously, the fact that so many recent assailants have been armed with knives as their primary weapon is not a coincidence. I don’t know if this is simply a low-tech way for Hamas to exploit a never ending supply of gullible zealots, or something deeper. The knife has a special symbolism to ISIS and the act of beheading their foes is meant to send a message beyond the single death of the victim. Is there a new strategic partnership between ISIS and the Palestinians?

Salafists in Gaza have already pledged allegiance to ISIS. Hamas has sent members to fight in Egypt and Syria. While there is a different short term political goal for Hamas as a movement, Islamism is Islamism. When there are no more Jews to slaughter, they will move on to the next obstacle to their pan-Islamic caliphate. They are but a waypoint on a very evil spectrum.


  1. Sam L. says:

    I suspect they use knives because they want to be close to their victims and see their reactions to being stabbed and cut.

  2. duro says:

    The people of Isreal deserve to be well armed. It’s time their government institutes a constitutional carry law.

    1. Roger says:

      Concealed carry is widespread there and carriers have stopped other similar attacks. And they are working to make concealed carry even more widespread right now.

  3. DanV says:

    I think there may be something to Sam’s comment. There is a reason knives and bladed weapons are the primary tool of the bad guy in most horror films. To people who have never been in a gun fight, my self included, the primary images you see on television or in the movies is bang one shot your dead doesn’t matter what kind of gun or where you’re hit. Contrast that to the level of gore with being sliced open blood every where possibly guts hanging out. It brings a level of fear that is the ultimate goal, I think, of these attacks. Sure they could probably detonate some sort of IED and cause a mass casualty event but that would bring a higher chance of a large military response. This sort of attack introduces the fear that it could happen any where at any time.

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The Knife Intifada continues: 4 Dead and 12 wounded in Jerusalem synagogue attack.

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