Sunday Funny: The Stoner Army Knife. What Say You?

Depending on who you ask, this is either an Obscure Object of Desire, an Irresponsible Knife Use of the Day, or maybe even a From The Depths of Uselessness post. Definitely worthy of a Sunday Funny though! Meet the High Knife, aka the Stoner Army Knife.


The beauty of The High Knife is that it comes with all the tools you would expect from a Swiss Army Knife—a screwdriver, bottle opener, corkscrew, can openers, specialized blades, etc.—but it also knows its audience. Also built into the knife are a roach clip, pipe cleaner, pipe sleeve, and, as you may have predicted, a pipe itself.

Ok, thats funny.

While i do not personally partake of the sweet leaf, I do fall on the side of favoring legalization. I don’t think it deserves to be treated by the law with the same severity as cocaine or heroin. I’ve been around a few stoners in my day, and from everything I’ve seen, alcohol abuse does more damage to the individual, and to others, than pot does. Logic therefore dictates, that if marijuana deserves to be illegal, so too should alcohol. But we all know how that worked out. Plus, who says we live in logical times anyway?

Furthermore, if we are going to ground this in arguments of social utility, we would all be a lot poorer without the contributions of countless musicians over the years who have composed many a classic while under the influence.  And being a metalhead, this gives me an excuse to post a Black Sabbath song!


  1. cmeat says:

    skunk works knife- have to leave that out in the garage.

  2. Ze Kraggash says:

    Just what i was thinking, wouldn’t want to carry that around in your pocket after using it.

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Sunday Funny: The Stoner Army Knife. What Say You?

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