The Swiss Army Knife Book: Felix Immler demonstrates 63 Outdoor Projects with the venerable SAK


It is kind of sad that  the very knife that opened the door to the world of knives for so many of us, myself included, gets so often overlooked as we expand our exposure and experience. The venerable Swiss Army knife is not just a “starter knife”, as Swiss author and SAK fan Felix Immler reminds us in a recently released book.

From KnifeNews:

Who would think that a Swiss Army knife (SAK) could make an ideal survival tool? Victorinox aficionado and knife safety educator Felix Immler proved its mettle after spending three months building a campsite with just a SAK at his side. He documented the experience in The Swiss Army Knife Book, recently released in English.

Over the course of his expedition, Immler built an entire campsite that includes a bed, ladder, cooking area, and a table with chairs.  Using just a SAK may seem limiting, but Immler reckons it as one of the ultimate survival knives. “In my opinion, your survival knife has to be in your EDC,” he says. “With a Swiss Army knife as an EDC, I have everything I need.” Fixed blades may be more durable, but he still favors the compact approach of carrying a SAK. The emphasis on these tools is his preference as an outdoorsman, not a gimmick. “With a few techniques, tricks and imagination, you can do so many things with a little, portable pocket knife. That’s what I want to express with my books.”

Definitely a book I want to check out. I already have it in my Amazon cart.

While Felix demonstrates that the SAK is not just a starter knife, it is slightly ironic that I was looking at the Cub Scout model just yesterday for my son who started Tigers tonight.


  1. cmeat says:

    toothpick for that one pair of molars, corkscrew for the lakeside and a great bottle opener design for those inclined. lined up on a cap tooth it works perfectly.
    and the can opener really works well with a little dedicated “walk it around” patience.

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The Swiss Army Knife Book: Felix Immler demonstrates 63 Outdoor Projects with the venerable SAK

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