The United Colors of the Kershaw Skyline

20130702_220347Sorry for my absence! My computer overheated one too many times, and its replacement is working much better, but I digress. This is my collection of Kershaw Skylines. Each one is different. I love every one of them. The Skyline was my first decent knife. I bought my first one in January 2012, and it changed my life.


The knife pictured here is the standard model. I picked this one up for $33 a month ago, and I might get it pimped. This is my third standard model, after I gave the first two to coworkers. They love them.


This is a Cabela’s exclusive Blaze Orange Skyline. I got this for, no joke, $30 (plus $8 shipping from Cabela’s). Now they are out of stock, but maybe you can find one from KershawGuy or other people for around $50. As you can see it has orange G10 and a plain satin blade. This has the most use out of all my Skylines.




These were from Blade HQ late last year. I think they were around $30 each, maybe $35. They have the red/blue G10 and beautiful stonewashed blades. Nowadays you can find them for around $60.


This is the tan/black DLC that was tested a few months ago. I got mine for about $45 from KershawGuy. I don’t think I’ve carried mine. Maybe one day I will.




Here are the fixed-blade models. These are my favorite users. It just feels right. I EDC the black one at work sometimes (blends in with my work shirt). The orange one I use when I go on day hikes. These were – wait for it – $20 from Blade HQ on Black Friday. Yep.




Here is the kydex sheath that I use. The sheath that they came with is pretty bad. It’s just some crappy leather sheath. I didn’t carry them until I got the sheaths. They were made in mass for Blade HQ by a guy named Linos, or something like that. The clip is a Spyderco G-clip. I like the clip, but you have to lock-tite it or it will wiggle loose, big time.


Here is my Damascus Skyline. I laughed because the day after I told Chris I was going to write on my Skyline collection he posted about the Damascus one. I missed the pre-orders that were done earlier this year, so it took me nearly 3 months to track one down. I will not use this one because of the Damascus.


And now the pinnacle of my collection. I never thought I would get one because, again, I missed the orders. One popped up for sale on BladeForums a couple weeks back, so I had to jump on it. This is a Blade-forums exclusive S30V Skyline. It has blue G10 and a flat ground blade, not the hollow ground that is on every other model. They were limited to 500 pieces. I got #399. I will have to warm up to using this. My Skylines are mine forever, so I don’t have to really worry about resale value, but it’s still tough to make that decision for knives that I cherish.


This is not all of the versions produced. There are three left: a red one with a satin finish (1760RD), the Ducks Unlimited version, which is ridiculously rare, and a red one with a Snap-On logo (1760RDSO). If these pop up for sale I will buy them, but for now this is how my collection stands.

I hold the Skyline in high regard. I have found the capabilities of this knife to far exceed others in the weight and price range. They have always come extremely sharp and have kept that edge for multiple working days (mostly cardboard, tape, and tie straps). The 14C28N steel is simply amazing. Also amazing are the ergonomics. This knife perfectly molds into my hands, the fixed version even more so. The only complaint that I have is that the pocket clip tears up the pocket of my jeans. I guess this can be remedied by sanding the area under the clip, but I haven’t done that yet. It is my #1 recommendation to people when they ask what knife they should buy (price considered). Once you get a Skyline, there is no going back.


  1. Nathan says:

    I’d say get it if you’re looking for one. Most places like Blade HQ and GP Knives don’t carry them for less than $40 now

  2. NavyRetGold says:

    @Nathan I think you got a little bit of OCD going on there, but pay no attention to me.. I’m not a fan of the skyline, though I am a fan of Kershaw in general. The whole skyline gig was blown way out of proportion when all those idiotic nuntnfancy youtubes came out gushing about the knife. Otherwise these things would be selling for about $25. I think its an OK knife, just not the holy grail its made out to be by some. Just my .02 and all are free to disagree.

  3. Chas says:

    If you don’t like the Skyline, then don’t buy it. Simple as that.

    The only ones I don’t have are the fixed blade models and the BFC S30V model. There is also a Special Edition Ducks Unlimited model that is extremely rare and hard to find.

  4. NavyRetGold says:

    I didn’t say I didn’t like it. I only like it $25 worth, and the price is $38, so I didn’t buy it. I agree, its very simple.

  5. Bob Damon says:

    I think the Skylines are great, but when I got my first for $28, thst seemed about right. After I lost the first Skyline, I decided to replace it, something I probably wouldn’t do with most other knives. $33 for the 2nd. I did have a chance at the SV30 version, but, I have a few SV30 blades, and didnt feel I needed another SV30 or another Skyline. I can see why you would want more than one, and I’ve recommended the Skyline to several people, all have loved them.

  6. ken hipple says:

    You almost have them all of that 500 run they did 64 that had stone washed blades with the blue handle.

  7. What about the new blackwashed skyline? You gotta add that to your collection. I don’t own a skyline and this one looks veeeery interesting. They’re selling for $53.95, at this price I think, unfortunately, I have to say no. It’s a shame, it looks like a really nice knife and I’d love to have one. I have to agree with NavGoldRet, the price for the standard model ($38) is too much for what you get (Not that a skyline is not a nice knife). Recently, I purchased a Random Leek (s30v) blem for $40 and a Knockout for $40.72. Knockout>Skyline, Random Leek>Skyline (in my opinion) and they can be had for only a few dollars more. Just a few examples, from the same company, {also bought an Ambush blem for $42 (waaaaay cooler than plain skyline) and why I don’t own one. If they were $25-30 id def own one and blackwashed around $40 would probably be in my pocket right now instead of the Knockout.

  8. Nice collection, by the way

  9. Jack says:

    Bladehq has limited edition skylines with s30v flat ground blades and carbon fiber handles. Stonewash or black blades, and matching serial number package deals.

  10. Michael says:

    Would you be interested in selling the tan skyline with the black blade? I’m looking to get one for my father in law. Let me know.


  11. Jeff Brooks says:

    House of Blades has their special edition in orange G10/ black blade.

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The United Colors of the Kershaw Skyline

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