There When You Need It, But Only If You Can Afford It: Serge Knives’ Dog Tag

Image courtesy Serge KnivesWho knew there was such a big market for really small knives? Serge Knives’ ‘Dog Tag’ is a nifty little idea, exceptionally well-executed in a variety of materials and finishes by custom knifemaker Serge Panchenko.

They’re about the same size as a real dog tag ID, which translates into a stubby Sheepsfoot blade barely an inch long.

Image courtesy Serge KnivesHere’s a gallery of the various models which Serge has released, but at press time none of them are available for sale. Each of these has become an instant collectible, and a ‘Relic’ model was recently offered for second-hand sale for $695.

Even at that price, buyers seemed interested. That’s a lot of money for a little blade for guys like us, but slightly-functional art is what the world of full-custom knife collecting is all about. If I could afford a drawer full of these little guys, you can bet I’d be writing for The Truth About Yachts or The Truth About Learjets And Gulfstreams in what was left of my spare time.



  1. sagebrushracer says:

    I guess I will have to wait for a Chinese knock off to show up.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Betcha CKRT could make a bunch of those, if he made a deal with them.

  3. David says:

    Very diesel/atom punk looking. But for $695? You could buy a live Ukranian & his shop for a few dollars more. Seriously, if you want art swag for your blades find your nearest savant w/ metal skill and have him/her make you a one-of-a-kinder.

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There When You Need It, But Only If You Can Afford It: Serge Knives’ Dog Tag

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