“These Are My Knives” Video Wins $100 Gift Card

Two weeks ago we offered a $100 gift card to knifecenter.com for the best “These Are My Knives” video submission. Reader David (AKA YouTuber ‘blinkingbat’) rose to the challenge with this short video explaining his small but eclectic collection of knives, spear heads and swords. Whoever thinks size doesn’t matter clearly has never brought a pocketknife to a sword fight . . .

David’s prize is on its way via our efficient friends at the USPS. Let’s hope he does us another solid and sends a quick video of the swag he buys with his gift card.

Congratulations, David. Enjoy your prize, and (contrary to what my uncle always said) go ahead and blow it all in one place!


  1. Robert Farago says:

    Congratulations! Easily the best entry.

    Thanks for playing!

  2. Out_Fang_Thief says:

    Dang, I picked the wrong 2 weeks to go on my vacay.
    Missed it…by that much.

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“These Are My Knives” Video Wins $100 Gift Card

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