Colorado Man gets probation after throwing knives at police.


Roy Mondragon is lucky police didn’t leave him a grease-spot on the pavement.

Roy Mondragon of Cañon City, Colorado was given 5 years probation or charges stemming from an incident last May.

From CanonCityDailyRecord:

Police were dispatched at about 7 a.m. to Mondragon’s residence, 1026 Sherman Ave., to a reported suicidal male who had knives and was threatening to blow up his residence.

The CCPD news release states his “suicidal episode” occurred after a domestic situation involving his wife, who was not at the home during the incident.

Two juveniles, ages 8 and 10, were on scene and safely evacuated, according to the release.

Mondragon reportedly alternated between throwing knives and barricading himself in his residence. The knives almost hit law enforcement, the press release states.

“One (knife) went about six inches from my head,” CCPD Lt. William Ray said. “It wasn’t like he was just tossing them. He was full on baseball pitch at our officers with these knives. … One of them was a machete. Officers were having to leap out of the way to avoid being struck by these knives. It was very dynamic.”

Police then shot him using a 12-gauge shotgun, according to Ray.

“A less-lethal/non penetrating type of ammunition (was used) … It’s designed to subdue a suspect into compliance,” he stated.

Authorities say the suspect went back inside his home after being shot.

“At this time, the front window of the house was broken by less lethal shotgun rounds, and Mondragon was subdued by use of a Taser,” the press release states. “Officers were then able to gain entry into the house and take Mondragon into custody.”

Kudos to the Canon City police. A potential “suicide by cop” might want to die, but they don’t want to commit suicide or they would do it themselves. In this case the best thing the police can do is not, unless absolutely unavoidable, grant them their wish.

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Colorado Man gets probation after throwing knives at police.

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