Friday Link Dump: Getting caught up


We have some fun links as well, but I thought I should touch on the “knife intifada” that has broken out in Israel.

We have tried to up our game on the reviews and testing, or at least work through what we have in the queue. Unfortunately, this has meant we have had to let some newsworthy (and some goofy) items pass by.  I apologize for starting on a down note, and I promise that there are some lighter items below the jump.

This first one might be worthy of a full editorial,  but my muse isn’t helping me with an angle from which to write, so I am just going to toss it out there. There has been an outbreak of stabbings  (2 fatal) in Israel as tensions again are beginning to build. I have made clear my support for Israel, and I wish that the Palestinian people would direct their rage against the Kleptocrats who use them as pawns as they amass wealth and power. It is interesting that the attackers are using knives instead of the ubiquitous suicide vest. I am sure there is meaning in this, I just don’t know.

Some of the latest news :

People are questioning whether police should have shot a knife wielding Palestinian.
Frontlines Podcast : “Palestinian Insight into Knife Intifada
Police foil suspected terrorist who was planning knife attack on bus driver. “Suspect told police he wanted the driver to lose control of the vehicle so it would flip over and cause more casualties.”

Interesting in that last one that the suspect also had a screwdriver. You are never going to be able to eradicate pointy things, no matter how hard you try.


Moving on to the bizarre , there is this story of a man attacking tow-truck drivers with a samurai sword. From CBS Denver:

“A man wearing a bullet-proof vest and a gas mask wielded a samurai sword against two tow truck drivers who tried to remove his car in Fort Collins on Sunday.

One man at the scene was struck in the chest with the sword, police said, but suffered only a minor cut.

Police said Jeremiah Proctor, 27, had been warned not to block other drivers with his car at the Pier Apartments where he lives.

The situation blew up when the tow truck arrived to move his pickup.”

Turns out the attacker might be a veteran with some psych issues. If this is the case, the driver, who is also ex-military, would like to see him get help rather than face charges.

From Geeks are Sexy, a site I recently stumbled upon when this showed up on a clickbait site: “MARRY ME: This lady geek knows how to handle an uruk hai scimitar“. It was my first visit to the site, and it has lots of swords and cosplay stuff.  I may browse by on occasion and will forward links along if I think you might find something of interest.


Mildly amusing. A girl and her scimitar.



Finally, just because many of you will be heading to tree stands or have already logged some time, here is how you skin a deer with a golf ball and a pickup truck.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Doesn’t look like a scimitar to me; all the ones I’ve seen before were curved-bladed.

  2. matth S says:

    never seen an uruk hai neither

  3. sagebrushracer says:

    lord of the rings guys, good entertainment and you will get to know what a uruk hai and their scimitars look like.

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Friday Link Dump: Getting caught up

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