Tool Review: Estwing Long Handle Rock Pick

The Estwing Long Handle Rock Pick (SKU E3-23LP) is a specialty tool that is versatile. The stated purpose for this hammer is a geological tool. In that philosophy of use I am sure it would perform well. I am not a geologist but the thing does break up rocks and dirt well. It has yet to show any signs of rust either. (Editor’s note: I have used said tool on an archaeological site, and it is very good at its stated purpose – HCA)

Even if you do not plan on unearthing a forgotten civilization, this hunk of steel might be for you. It can do what hammers do – pound things , but it also has a longer than normal handle and that can come in handy on many jobs.

The non-bladed spike is more than adequate. It is solid yet comes to a fine point. While I did not use it to punch holes or pry anything it is up for those tasks.

I do think that the true calling for this tool is demolition. It is all steel and it can deliver some serious force. The cross section on the hammer’s face is so small compared to the rest of the tool that it punches holes more than it pounds. As such it could (possibly) serve as a rescue/egress tool.

As a weapon, this could sing in the right hands. The head however, and indeed the whole thing, is deceptively heavy. It is not as fast in the hand as I would like. The size of the hammer and spike makes for a large section that is useful for blocking, checking and hooking. If you charged ninety bucks for this thing and called it a “war hammer” dudes a plenty would buy it. And man would I love to see this in a zombie movie (or any Estwing product for that matter).

Estwing states that the design of their tools gives them less shock and vibe. I am going to state that seems counter-intuitive as articulation points tend to break up vibrations. I have read elsewhere on the net that Estwing products in general will give you tennis elbow faster than tools that are not all steel in construction. Your mileage may vary.

At around 35.00 USD it is not cheap but its not expensive either. The Estwing Long Handle Rock Pick does what you think it does and it does it well – and looks really good doing it.


Ratings (out of five stars)

Styling *****

5 out of 5 stars. It will be the coolest hammer on the block.

Head ****The steel seems relatively soft. It scuffs easy and will loose its mirror finish.

Ergonomics ***

The thing is a bit heavy. However, for some jobs the weight is necessary. The shape of the head is just right though.

Ruggedness/Durability ****1/2

It’s a hammer but pounding on rocks will ding it up.

Overall Rating ****


This is a good tool of the “different” variety that would be better if the cost was a little lower. It’s not expensive but with all things considered it keeps it from being a homerun.

Since everyone is thinking it:


  1. cmeat says:

    plumb 20oz fiberglass ripping claw. done.
    although that estwing would be better for picking your way out of shawshank prison.

    1. dddd says:

      Exactly what I thought of…..

      1. cmeat says:

        quad d, great minds…

  2. AW1Ed says:

    Bought an Eastwing 20 oz straight claw hammer for fence work more than 20 years ago. It’s developed a nice patina, and I haven’t broken it yet.

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Tool Review: Estwing Long Handle Rock Pick

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