Top Shot’s Dustin Ellerman: Tomahawk Sniper

‘Reality’ television has a tendency to bring out the very worst in the people it portrays, but Top Shot Season Three winner Dustin Ellerman isn’t cut from the same cloth as Snooki or Kate Gosselin. Farago and I waited through a long registration queue with Dustin at the SHOT Show a few years ago, and he was the very opposite of the self-absorbed reality show star.

Today he runs a Christian youth camp in Texas, where he shows off his tomahawk skillz at ranges usually reserved for bows or handguns.

He’s also a Drive-By Tomahawk Gangsta, which looks like more fun than you’re supposed to have with your clothes on. Party on, Dustin!


  1. Bob Damon says:

    That scope is a great idea. I think I will add some CT laser grips to my iMamba Tomahawk.

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Top Shot’s Dustin Ellerman: Tomahawk Sniper

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