TOPS releases Missile Strike combat knife

TOPS began a limited debut of the new Missile Strike combat knife at this year’s SHOT Show. It is now available in general release, and looks to be a solid piece of kit – especially is you like pointy/stabby knives.

From TOPS Knives:

Great All-around Combat Knife

During his time in the Army, Kelly McCulley searched for the right knife to meet his needs as a combat tool that could also do the duty of a utility knife. The Missile Strike is that knife for him. Its narrow blade with long swedge and 1/4” thickness make it a great combat knife. The Micarta handle scales, comfortable finger choil, and 1095 steel make it a great utility tool. Combine those features with a solid Kydex sheath, and you have a great all-around knife for combat and utility purposes.

Pick yours up today from an authorized TOPS Knives Dealer or at

Missile Strike (MS-01)

  • Overall Length: 11.34”
  • Blade Length: 6.0”
  • Cutting Edge: 4.75”
  • Blade Thickness: 0.25”
  • Blade Shape: Spear Point
  • Blade Steel: 1095 RC 56-58
  • Blade Finish: Coyote Tan Cerakote
  • Handle Material: Tan Canvas Micarta
  • Knife Weight: 11.5oz
  • Weight w/ Sheath: 14.1oz
  • Sheath Material: Tan Kydex
  • Sheath Clip:  Injection Molded Nylon
  • Designer: Kelly McCulley
  • MSRP: $210

Long Description

Kelly McCulley spent seven and a half years in the US Army. During his time in the service, he searched for the right knife to meet his needs as a combat tool that could do the duty of a utility knife, too. In all his time in the service, he never quite found the one that would fit what he wanted in a combat knife. Sound familiar? It’s one of the same reasons that TOPS Knives was founded and one of the reasons that TOPS produces such a variety of models. Around 2010, Kelly started designing knives that his fellow servicemen and women could rely on as they were deployed. He has been making those knives since and has some smart designs under his belt.

The Missile Strike is a great combination of combat and utility. Its narrow blade with long swedge allows for great penetrating stabs (the swedge can be sharpened upon request). The 1/4” thickness provides enough weight to add some power in stabbing, slashing, and when smashing using the pointed pommel. There is a very generous finger guard to ensure that your hand will not slip onto the blade.

Given that the knife will likely be used as a utility tool more often than not, there are features that were included to facilitate that use. The comfortable Micarta handle scales will stand up to use and provide excellent grip. There is a choil so you can choke up for finer tasks, and it’s made from 1095 steel, which holds a great edge, and is easy to re-sharpen in the field (a must for those who don’t always have a proper sharpening system handy). It comes with a tan Kydex sheath that has great retention, but still allows for a solid grip from the moment it’s drawn.

Not on my short list for acquisition, mostly because I prefer something a bit more choppy for backcountry use. I can see how it would be a good piece of gear for someone looking for something more tactically oriented.

Of course, I have to put in a plug for my TOPS Factory Visit post.


  1. Sam L. says:

    I wonder why he named it that.

  2. Tom says:

    For some reason, the shape of this knife is really reminiscent of something I saw in the past. I can’t put my finger on it.

    I’ll go in my Nissan SKYLINE later, ride in the setting sun, look at the distant SKYLINE, that always helps me focus my thoughs and remember what I am forgetting.

    Darn I swear I have it on the tip of my tongue. Anyone else here feels like me?


    1. It is kinda reminiscent of a Kit Carson M16 with the hole in the guard and dagger point

        1. Tom says:


          Yesterday night I did find the knife I was refering to after much thoughts, it was the Kershaw Skyline. They even made a fixed blade version at some point.

          Although my original intent was to make fun of the resemblance with the Skyline, I must say I never realized how much one could argue the Skyline is based on the M16. I guess the lesson here is to never judge too harshly.

          I thank you for that lesson.



        2. I had to go back and look at the skyline 🙂

  3. Jason says:

    Another good looking American made knife from TOPS that ultimately wont break the bank.

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TOPS releases Missile Strike combat knife

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