Transgender Aussie axe-attacker claims Demonic-possession in court

As they say, “The 21st Century isn’t working out how I had hoped”. I wonder if there is a province state in Australia that roughly correlates with Florida, because this story has Florida Man™ written all over it. Except it isn’t.

From Sydney Morning Herald:

A woman accused of attacking multiple people with an axe in Sydney’s inner west last year heard a voice shortly beforehand that told her to “kill, maim and inflict pain on people and start the rise of hell on earth”, a court has heard.

Evie Amati, 26, allegedly attacked two people with the axe at a 7-Eleven in Enmore early on January 7, 2017. She then allegedly swung the axe twice at a man outside who managed to avoid the blows.

She is facing trial in the NSW District Court, where she has pleaded not guilty to six charges including two counts of wounding with intent to murder.

The court previously heard Ms Amati cannot remember the incident. She does not deny her body was there, but says her mind was not.

Giving evidence on Thursday, Ms Amati said she smoked two joints of cannabis on her balcony, about 450 metres away from where the attack unfolded, early on January 7.



Sorry, drug use is not an excuse for further poor behavior, and to try and blame cannabis for a unprovoked attack on two people is a complete cop-out. The elevator was stopping well short of the top floor for this “woman” long before she toked some herb.



  1. dph says:

    I’ll just say this, the rise of hell on Earth has been going on for quite some time, long before this mental case arrived. Also, Australia has states not provinces.

    1. Thanks re geographic clarification.

  2. Simon Victoria Australia says:

    In a poignant example of nominative determinism, one of the victims was a Sharon Hacker!
    The attacker had actually been on a Tinder date just prior, also taking MDMA:

  3. Sam says:

    Clearly they are just attacking this woman for being transgender. Sickening…all this bias and discrimination. So the media all falls right in line and calls her a “woman” without question every time…it’s not enough! They need to do more to further transgender rights, even if it means not reporting stories like this that are clearly just propaganda calculated to make transgenders look bad. Everyone knows all transgenders are kind,virtuous, innocent people and victims of society, without exception!

    1. your mom says:

      Did you not watch the video or are you just dumb. This isn’t sexuality discrimination, this is a stupid high “woman” who attacked two dudes for no reason.

  4. JT Elevenoyd says:

    Judging by some of the stories that come out of it, the Northern Territory (NT) is definitely in the running for Australia’s Florida. It even has a sizable tropical coastline. The other top contender is Queensland, the late Steve Irwin’s home state. It’s the one that the folks over at Fark refer to as “Austrlia’s Florida.”

    Then again, they’ve also been known to call Florida “America’s Australia.” Which I guess, by their standards, would make Queensland Australia’s America’s Australia. And now I’m dizzy and my brain hurts. Screw it.

  5. Frank says:

    The bizarre explanation (‘demons’) along with the copious weed consumption just beforehand suggests that she’s had a psychotic break. Not actual demonic possession but a decided candidate for a plea of insanity.

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Transgender Aussie axe-attacker claims Demonic-possession in court

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