TSA: Boston bombing won’t affect new knife policy


Despite the Boston Marathon bombing, the TSA plans to implement its new knife policy April 25th as planned.

The bombings at this week’s Boston Marathon has State and Federal agencies re-examining their security procedures.  Shockingly, especially given this was a a face-saving opportunity for the TSA to reverse itself in the face of emotional and illogical protestations from grandstanding congressmen, flight attendants unions, and families of 9/11 victims; the TSA is sticking to its (knives).

According to the LA Times:

“Despite beefed-up security at airports nationwide in reaction to the deadly Boston Marathon bombingson Monday, the Transportation Security Administration is standing firms in its plan next week to allow passengers to take small folding knives and other formerly prohibited items onto airplanes.

On Wednesday, a TSA spokesman wrote via email that changes would go into effect April 25 as planned.”

This isn’t to say that there aren’t politicians, such as Rep. Janice Hahn (D-Los Angeles), who can’t let common sense interfere with her media facetime:

“”I would hope with recent events in Boston and poison-based letters that we would realize we’re still under attack,” Rep. Janice Hahn (D-Los Angeles) said Wednesday. Hahn, who says the U.S. remains vulnerable to terrorist events, last week wrote to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who oversees the TSA, to ask for reconsideration of the changes. Hahn said she had not yet received a response.”

TSA Administrator John Pistole has in recent months:

” repeatedly defended the decision to allow knives with blades 2.36 inches or smaller, ski poles, hockey sticks and golf clubs on flights, saying he wants screeners to focus on more dangerous items such as liquid bombs and non-metallic improvised explosive devices that can take down planes.”

I have been critical of the TSA and John Pistole in particular in the past.  In fact, we even named our son, whom we call by his middle name Tommy, Steven Thomas – specifically so his initials would be STA instead of TSA.  However, I have to give a tip of the hat to Administrator Pistole for chosing common sense over pointless symbolism.  In fact, by not wasting resources looking for harmless objects, they might actually be making us safer as a result.

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TSA: Boston bombing won’t affect new knife policy

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