TTAK Content Contest: Win A Gun! And a Knife!

We did it at TTAG, and the response was almost overwhelming. In a good way. Now the fun comes to the knife side. Thanks to our friends at FNH USA, you can win yet another FNS-9 pistol and here’s how: all you have to is put fingers to keyboard and crank out a little content. Have a great knife tip or related story you’ve been dying to share with the world? Maybe a review of your EDC blade? Write it up, paste the text into an email and send it to us at We’ll post the best and pick the the winner who’ll take home one helluva gun. Wait, a gun? Isn’t TTAK all about knives? . . .

Why yes, yes it is. And that’s why the winning author here will also snag him- or herself a beautiful Benchmade Mini-Griptilian.

The contest starts now and run through Sunday, July 14 at midnight. We’ll announce the winner shortly thereafter. The decision of TTAK’s judges is final. Period. The winner will be required to have their local gun store (or similar) provide a copy of a valid FFL to FNH USA in order to ship their firearm. Good luck and start scribbling!


  1. Jonathan Powell says:


  2. Does it come with a bayonet lug? (Or a shoulder thingy that goes up?)

    1. jwm says:

      No, but you can get the optional .9mm chambering.

  3. Justin Richeson says:

    remove, will email for contest

  4. Billy M. Rhodes says:

    How do I register to win?

    1. Dan Zimmerman says:

      You don’t register. You write something profound and entertaining that has something to do with knives. Then email it to us at

  5. Nanashi says:

    Is that deadline midnight eastern, central, mountain or pacific time? Not that I plan to take that long if I decide what I cobble together is fit for submission, but I’d like to know exactly how long I have left to agonize over my less than stellar writing abilities.

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TTAK Content Contest: Win A Gun! And a Knife!

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