TTAK Black Friday Knife Sale/Deal List 2015 version 1.3

Update 5:30pm:

Howdy, here are a couple of more:

GP Knives: Reader GC sent me the following:

GPKnives has a pretty good sale on several Benchmade models. For example, the Mini-Stryker is listed for $97; I normally see those going for about $140. There are also a couple of Mini-Barrage models in M390 steel on sale for $130 and $140, which are normally in the $180 to $200 range. I’d get in on that if I was in the market for one of those.

download (4)

$99 for an 8″ Shun Classic? I might go for this one.

I haven’t purchased from Cutlery and More, but they have 89k facebook followers, so they aren’t fly-by-night. They have some pretty sweet deals on Kitchen Knives, especially this 8″ Shun Classic for $99. I might consider that one myself (actually the 7″ Santoku, which is also $99)


$26 for a Buck Canoe from is a frequently overlooked site for knives. You can never be sure what you will find, but the prices are always great. $26 for a $45 Buck Canoe is nice, as is the $31 price on a Victorinox Executive.

Update: 11/27 9am

Good morning and happy Black Friday. Or as I call it Friday. I am not much of a shopper, especially if it means navigating through masses of humanity. I think we will be taking our kids to the playground. That is more my speed.

Here are a couple of sale announcements that people have sent to  Please keep them coming.



Smoky Mountain Knife Works is running their “Cyber Monday Sales” now. Use the code CYBER15S to receive a graduated discount at checkout. There is no centralized list (that I can find of specifically discounted knives, but the $35 price on a SOG Seal Pup  (review here) is pretty sweet.




The advertised special from Emerson knives isn’t actually stocking stuffer price, but you can certainly show someone how special they are by getting them the Emerson Knives EDC Little Black Box:

  • 1 Commander comes standard with Stonewashed finish plain edge blade.
  • 1 Custom Engraving Value $30* Limit 25 Characters Font: Arial
  • 1 Pair of Emerson Ballistic Eyewear: Commander model
  • 1 Knife Lanyard Black with Pewter Skull
  • 1 Black Skull Clip

At $335 it isn’t cheap, but this is $100 off their everyday price on this collection.



Cabelas was running different specials for Thanksgiving day and Black Friday. I found their complete, knife specific list which has varying discounts, but a few that caught my eye were a Kershaw 3/4 ton for $8.99, Gerber Ripstop II for $11.99, and the SOG Field Pup is still $14.99



Version 1.0:
Howdy folks, here is version 1.0 of our annual Black Friday sales list. I will be updating it as I find more and people send more my way, but it is a start. Keep checking back. I will post update times in the title when I add stuff.

In no particular order…

KnifeCenter: 15% off of 15 different brands including CRKT, Cold Steel, Boker, Case, Gerber, and others. This is off of their everyday prices which are already below MSRP, so the discounts end up about 30% or so. For instance, the Gerber Strong Arm comes in at $61 which is pretty solid.



BladeHQ has 4 pages of deals on the Black Friday sales section. They are giving away Shemaghs and Tactical Stockings with purchase levels, and many knives are 30-40% off . I am especially liking $40 on the Damascus Kershaw Skyline.–Black-Friday–397



Macy’s might not be the first place someone thinks of when it comes to knife sales, but they are running some pretty sweet deals on kitchen knives. A $289 set of Henckels for only 79.99, or a $408 set of Wusthofs for $149.99. There is more as well.



Our friend John “Sheriff of Baghdad” McPhee is running a couple of specials for Thanksgiving night and Black Friday. Use the codes BlackFriday and GiveThanks as appropriate.



Website TitleI have mentioned my buddy Geoff Reeves, former Counselor-in-Training at Beaumont Scout Reservation (and retired Navy SEAL) is owner of Shadow Works Group, which operates a race team and skydiving demonstration team. While it isn’t knife stuff, all apparel and other items are 25% off with the code: BlackFriday


Cabelas is running an Online Thanksgiving Day sale, which has a whole smorgasbord of stuff.  The best knife deal I see is on the SOG Field Pup, MSRP $79 is $14.99 until midnight. (click here for knife). I will post whatever I see for tomorrow when I come across it.


SwissKnifeShop has an assortment of SAKs, Leathermen, and Wusthof, Henckels, and Zwilling kitchen knives for up to 58% (though most aren’t quite that good).


Well, that is what I have at the moment.  I will keep digging.  Please send me your finds at or post them in the comments. I hope to update at least 3 times over the next 24 hours, so let us know what you see.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are working your way through your food coma alright. Take care folks.


  1. cmeat says:

    all fridays matter.
    those links are draining my account.
    blast you!

  2. Jacob says: has an Ontario XM-1S with partial serrations and N690CO steel for $59.99 and free shipping. It’s MSRP is $252.50. Deal ends midnight Monday.

  3. Mike says:

    Seems like I have missed the awesome deal

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TTAK Black Friday Knife Sale/Deal List 2015 version 1.3

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