TTAK Exclusive Series: Ask A Knifemaker

Image courtesy WIlliam WoodsThe world of blades is a lot more complex than the age-old questions “fixed or folding?” or “Buck or Schrade?” In fact, the rabbit-hole goes as deep as you want to follow. For metallurgical neophytes (including myself), TTAK is proud to announce the exclusive series “Ask A Knifemaker” starring our resident knifemaker William Woods.

Will is a custom knifemaker and industrial designer, and he’ll be our expert guide through the dizzying world of metals, bevels and blade geometry. You can mosey over to BladeForums or his website Woods Bladeworks to ogle and drool, but if you’re like me you’ll want to keep a tight grip on your credit card while you’re there.

Send your “Ask A Knifemaker” questions to, and in the meantime (unsuccessfully avoiding egregious alliteration) let’s give Will a warm welcome to The Truth About Knives!



  1. Loyd says:

    I’m very much a knife noob. I understand the importance of having one close at hand, and that different knives are needed for different tasks. But that’s about the limit of my knowledge. Time to go down the rabbit hole.

  2. janitor says:

    that is one of the sexiest chef blades i have seen in a while. one day ill pay more than 20 bucks on a blade my wife may beat up in a dish washer….

    1. Thank you! I can tell you there is nothing quite like using a custom kitchen blade.

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TTAK Exclusive Series: Ask A Knifemaker

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