TTAK Knife Madness Championship Round: Voting begins at noon today (EDT)

Good evening folks. We are sorry for the delay, but we have a start time for the Knife Madness finale: 12:00 Eastern today (3/31/17).

I was having trouble with the survey embed, but it is working now as far as I can tell. I was also waiting on our plug from Dave Canterbury, survival expert, television personality, and North American Ambassador for Morakniv. I don’t yet have it in hand, but I want to start this on a weekday when it has a greater chance of being shared on social media by the companies participating. Weekends just don’t have the same engagement.

In fairness to Dave, Morakniv vs. Condor was our final head-to-head contest. I had the other plugs more or less in place before it was even certain that Mora would make the final. So he had 2 fewer days to get this done. Besides, he doesn’t know me from Adam. I am happy he answered my request at all and I am grateful he agreed to participate. I will add his submission to the finale post when I receive it. 

Voting will run through 5pm EDT Sunday 4/2/17.

The delay also gave our readers more time to submit their own plugs, so this worked out great as we have close to a dozen email-submitted plugs. The end product is significantly more developed as a result. I am excited, and I hope you all will enjoy what we have put together.

It has been a whirlwind of a month. We can wait 12 more hours. Thank you for your patience.



  1. WilliePfisterbottom says:

    Vote: Ka-Bar

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TTAK Knife Madness Championship Round: Voting begins at noon today (EDT)

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