TTAK Knife Madness Round 2: Great Eastern Cutlery vs Buck


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The most common complaint readers have had about our Knife Madness Tournament has been the “apples to oranges” nature to many of the matchups. Today that is not at issue since both companies make traditional style folding knives, with a selection of hunting-style fixed-blades thrown in for good measure. Sadly from a blogging perspective, the “perfect” matchup of Buck vs. Case is not going to happen, barring a last-minute rally today’s KA-BAR/Case contest. At the time of this writing, KA-BAR is winning by a score of 30-14. They have all but punched their ticket onto the Elite 8 from the USA- Legacy division.

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Great Eastern Cutlery advanced to Round 2 with their victory over Gerber. Frankly, I was pleased to watch the upstart upset Gerber – a legacy brand that has sat on its laurels for far too long. They are a shadow of their former self.

You can read more about GEC at the link above. Rather than rehash it here, I am going to post some video content for your viewing enjoyment.

As I said, GEC makes fixed-blades too.


You can read more about Buck Knives from their match against Schrade. They easily won that contest to advance to the Second Round.


Good luck to today’s competitors. Tomorrow’s matchup will be from the Import- East division: Cold Steel vs Al Mar.

Thank you everyone for participating in this contest with us. I have enjoyed putting together these posts, as well as getting so much feedback from our readers.

Have a great Saturday folks.

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  1. Cubbie says:

    Tough call but I’m going with GEC for the upset.

  2. Cadeyrn says:

    GEC will hopefully continue to grow and expand and develop some depth to their lineup, but this year my vote is for Buck.

  3. stuartb says:

    Buck – nice link to ‘Survival on Purpose’, he does a great series of vids on budget blades and gear

  4. Willie Pfisterbottom says:

    Great Eastern Cutlery and a touchdown.

  5. Daniel J says:

    Great Eastern Cutlery.
    Not because there is anything wrong with my Buck kives, but GEC provides the shakeup the industry needs.

  6. cmeat says:

    glad eastern is here. i will look further into whatever locking folders they make. like case, super nice and collectible.
    buck has alot of chinese crap, but they have stayed loyal to their original designs (my boy camps and fishes with my old 102 woodsman, $15.50 from gander mountain in the seventies).
    buck, for the vanguard and their drop points.

  7. Foghorn says:

    Buck, more bank for the buck [pun intended] and they make all types of knives from large fixed blades to tiny slipjoints.

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TTAK Knife Madness Round 2: Great Eastern Cutlery vs Buck

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