TTAK Knife Madness Round 2: Zero Tolerance vs. Emerson


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Moving to the USA- Modern division in our 2017 Knife Madness tournament, we bring you today’s contest between Zero Tolerance and Emerson. Yesterday’s Buck vs. Great Eastern Cutlery was a quiet one, 15-9 Buck, with neither company getting in on the action.

Remember you can vote twice: Once in the comments on the blog, and once via Facebook.

Zero Tolerance knocked off Benchmade in a Round 1 Clash of the Titans. You can read all of the background on ZT at that link, or enjoy today’s selection of Zero Tolerance videos:


Emerson reached the Sweet 16 with their victory over ESEE. Once again, click the link for the details.


Tomorrow will bring us the “Battle of the Cinderellas”: TOPS vs. Hogue. Both companies aggressively shared their respective contests in the first round, leading TOPS to upset Microtech, and Hogue to knock off heavily favored Spyderco. I have given a heads-up to both Allen Elishewitz of Hogue, and Craig Powell of TOPS, and expect a spirited matchup this time around.

Thanks everyone for making this inaugural contest such a success.


  1. Cubbie says:

    Emerson. Great company story and great knives.

  2. Dennis says:

    ZT for me!

  3. Sam L. says:


  4. Peter Kennedy says:

    ZT. Multipurposeful.

  5. Cadeyrn says:

    Hmm… both are a little cutesy. Emerson slightly less, so my vote: Emerson.

  6. md matt says:

    Emerson…love my sheep dog

  7. Jon says:

    I’ll continue the pattern: ZT

  8. Arctodus says:

    Zero Tolerance
    (It’s what Gunny Gibbs carries)
    Semper Fi

  9. cmeat says:

    emerson seems all tactical all the time. i need a little whimsy now and then.
    not sure which zt knife is whimsical, but i vote zero t.

  10. Peter Kennedy says:

    I’ve voted already, but I forgot about Gibbs. Another reason I voted the way I did. Ninth rule?

  11. Chase M. says:

    ZT all the way!

  12. Securis says:

    Zt without a doubt.

  13. Peter Ujvarosi says:


  14. Willie Pfisterbottom says:


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TTAK Knife Madness Round 2: Zero Tolerance vs. Emerson

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