TTAK News Digest: 6/22/18

Bear and Sons SS14

Greetings and Salutations. I hope that everyone’s week went by swiftly. Here are some links to distract you from otherwise meaningful work at hand this fine Friday.


Expanding its line of butterfly knives available to consumers, Bear & Son Cutlery added the all-new SS14 Butterfly Knife to its lineup, offering an option made entirely from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The new knife joins more than 20 other butterfly-style knives in the company’s lineup.

At the heart of the SS14 knife is a blade crafted from chromium 440 stainless steel, having a high-carbon content and hardened to provide enhanced strength and longer life off a sharpened edge. The hollow-ground blade features a clip-point tip and a matte bead finish. Surrounding the blade are a pair of folding handles also machined from stainless steel and polished to a high-gloss finish designed to complement the matte blade finish.

BladeHQ used to sell a combo kit with a 114 and 114 trainer.  I should have jumped on it back then, because buying each separately is not nearly such a good deal.


KNIFE SKILLS TO LIFE SKILLS: Award-winning documentary screening to benefit similar program.

“Knife Skills,” the Academy Award-nominated documentary about the creation of Edwins Leadership and Restaurant Institute in Shaker Square, will be screened in July as a benefit.

Edwins trains and hires recently incarcerated individuals to work at the fine-dining French restaurant. It was founded by Brandon Chrostowski five years ago. This year, Chrostowski helped guide the opening of Serenite Restaurant and Culinary Training Institute, located just off Medina Square. The restaurant is staffed by members of the Medina County Recovery Center. It aims to create leadership skills in people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction through culinary-arts education.

Filmmaker Thomas Lennon spent time at the onset of Edwins’ opening in 2013, capturing Chrostowski’s drive and vision.

You can read more about the movie here.




THIS GUY? I DON’T BELIEVE IT: Man caught with knife & drugs at Boise airport, charged with Felony Hijacking


 A 67-year-old Boise man was arrested Friday evening at the Boise Airport after TSA officers found a 7-inch knife concealed in his shoe.

Boise Police says Donald Jackson is charged with felony aircraft hijacking and possession of drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor.

Upon further investigation, officers learned that Jackson willfully and intentionally concealed the 7-inch fixed blade knife under the insole of his shoe. In his other shoe, police found a small amount of marijuana.

Personally, I think that if every passenger were issued a police baton and a bag of reefer, air travel would be much safer, relaxing, and enjoyable.



The Bulldog Knife is a straightforward, sturdy work knife. If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to have a miniature folding samurai sword, then wonder no more. The Emerson Bulldog is sleek, cool and packs a mean bite.

The Emerson Big Bulldog is one of the first knife models we sort of moved backwards with. First came the standard Bulldog, a smaller and more pocket-friendly version. It was only after we released that model that we heard an overwhelming demand to do a big version! Usually, people ask for a smaller version AFTER we have a standard size. That’s how the Big Bulldog came to be. It sports a BIG tanto pointed angular blade with a boxy, finger guarded G-10 handle.




Have a great Friday Folks.



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TTAK News Digest: 6/22/18

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