TTAK News Digest 6/29/18

The comic above was sent to me by a friend, and I don’t have any idea to whom to attribute it. But it was too funny to not share. As always, when I push the boundaries of “fair use”, I implore anyone who can shed light on the origins of this to please pass it along. I will be certain to give credit where it is due.

Here are some links for your Friday night enjoyment…

PAX BRITANNICA: Machete attack on the streets of Birmingham


FISK AWAY: Knife Informers Best Pocketknives for your Money

Actually, the list is fairly solid.


I DON’T THINK THAT IS HOW YOU USE IT:  Woman Arrested For Attempting To Strangle Mother With Knife

A Texas woman has been arrested after reportedly attempting to strangle her mother with a kitchen knife.

According to the Lufkin Police Department, 23-year-old Emily Collier pressed a knife up to her mother’s throat during an altercation, which was triggered by an argument regarding child visitation, notes The New York Post.




SAME DERP, DIFFERENT TOOL: Violent Video Games should be examined in fight against Knife Crime (according to UK Rapper)

Music genres such as drill, grime and rap should not be solely targeted in efforts to drive out violence in the capital, rapper Dappy has suggested.

The former N-Dubz member said the role of video games such as Grand Theft Auto need to be considered in the fight against knife crime.

The musician was speaking ahead of a charity football match between stars of the UK rap and grime scene and Hackney Wick football club on Friday.


  • Delica
  • Caly 3
  • Lum Chinese Folder
  • Stretch
  • Ed Schempp Custom Bowie

I don’t usually post an entire list, but as he is quite possibly the world’s #1 fanboy, the whole thing is worth a read.

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TTAK News Digest 6/29/18

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