TTAK News Digest 7/11/18

The photo above presents an interesting conundrum. What say you?

David has a 5 from the Grinder scheduled for the morning, so I am going to link-bomb you this evening. Have a good one folks.



The Knife World is a place with many islands, small pockets of interest isolated from each other.  In some ways, these pockets are more related to other pursuits than they are to each other.  There is and was a great debate over what constitutes a custom knife,  which, thankfully, is no longer as important as the midtech trend seems to have died.  I took a stab at creating a more coherent way to refer to midtechs and customs, but as with all things related to language, use, not logic, dictates the form.

There is another distinction, one that I am more interested in, but its much harder to define—the line between styles of knives.  Here I am not referenceing hard use v. EDC or tactical v. survival knives, but something that strikes at the heart of collecting knives.  In the EDC community, for most people, the universe of knives ends with a well done Todd Rexford custom (Rexford is really a stand-in here for any high end knife maker working the custom tactical style…it could be anyone really, take your pick; I just chose him because everyone knows his work).  Beyond that is the knife world equivalent of the undiscovered country or that place on old maps that is marked “Here Be Monsters.”  In reality, there is a echelon of knives beyond the Rexford, both in terms of price and rarity.  Its not to say that a Rexford isn’t nice, they are wonderful knives, but they are the Corvette to these other knives Ferrari.

An interesting piece. Read the whole thing.


FROM GEARPATROL: Two New Knives Will Make You Care About Chinese Blade Making

To many of us, “Made in China” is a mark of reduced quality and cheapness, a sign that the item won’t last very long. The generalization can be true when relating to things like knockoff sunglasses or dollar store apparel but remember: iPhones are made in China, and so are plenty of other things you’d never thumb your nose at. High-quality pocket knives are quickly joining that list, as demonstrated by We Knife Co.’s latest release.

The launch features two new pocket knives: the Practic and the Yucha.

American companies can’t afford to get complacent.


FROM SCHOLAGLADIATORIA: TV Show viking fasion tips



BAN ALL THE THINGS!!! : Maine man who killed grandmother with golf club, wrench and knife seeks to have sentence reduced

Derek Poulin, 29, is asking the court to reduce his life sentence for murder and a concurrent 30-year sentence for arson.

When he was 23, Poulin murdered his 61-year-old grandmother, Patricia Noel, by beating her with a golf club and stabbing her about 70 times before setting fire to the Old Orchard Beach home she shared with Poulin and his father.

An attempt to appeal the sentence in 2016 failed in the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.

Poulin, through his attorney Chris Nielsen, has asked the York County Superior Court to reconsider his sentence. Nielsen said the life sentence Poulin received was “cruel and unusual punishment,” as the court failed to consider Poulin’s young age and his mental health, as well as his lack of any prior criminal history.


DON’T MESS WITH MAMA-SAN: Badass Female Cashier Chases Off Robber Who Threatened Her With a Knife

The woman, identified as Wang, was working behind the register when the failed robbery attempt happened around 4 a.m. on Sunday, according to South China Morning Post.


EVEN THE WINNERS LOSE IN A KNIFE FIGHT: Pasadena homeowner confronts burglar, knife fight ensues

Three people were hospitalized early Wednesday morning after a homeowner struggled with a burglar in his Pasadena townhouse.

The homeowner and a female were awakened by noise just before 2:26 a.m. in their home in the 4600 block of Gambier Harbour. The man confronted the male burglar and a struggle ensued. Both men cut each other with knives in the struggle.

The female also suffered a cut to her hand when she tried to intervene, county police said.

The suspect, Philip Luke Koletty, 29, of 203rd Street in Pasadena, was taken into custody after he fled the scene, police said. He was found hiding in nearby woods.


NO KNIFE PROHIBITION WOULD STOP THIS: Authorities: Woman stabbed husband, turned knife on herself

A Hall County woman is accused of cutting and stabbing her husband Wednesday morning in East Hall before turning the knife on herself, according to authorities.

Hall County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded around 7:50 a.m. Wednesday, July 11, to the 3000 block of Jasmine Court. Oscar Acevedo-Avalos, 58, was in critical condition from cuts and stab wounds, and his wife, Cecelia Acevedo, 55, had non-life threatening cuts, according to the sheriff’s office.

Both were transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center. Two girls ages 5 and 16 were asleep when the stabbing happened, according to investigators.

“A preliminary investigation by HCSO Criminal Investigation Division personnel indicated that Mrs. Acevedo assaulted her husband and then turned the knife on herself. Investigators determined the violence unfolded roughly ten minutes prior to the 911 call,” wrote sheriff’s office spokesman Derreck Booth in a news release.




  1. Sam L. says:

    The Snake should hold the knife with its tail. It would bite on, wrap itself around, and start slicing.
    (Who’s gonna design a Snake Knife?)
    Everyday Commentary has a lot of interesting articles.
    The WE knives are really slick, which means I’m probably going to find them more than I want to pay.
    The guy who killed his grandma with a golf club, knife, and wrench should have his sentence extended, not reduced.
    Did you find many of these stories on News Of The Weird? Seems like they ought to be.

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TTAK News Digest 7/11/18

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