Turkey Day: Some Of What I’m Thankful For

I’m a tremendously lucky man. I’ve got a wonderful and healthy family, an interesting day job, and a moonlighting gig for a cool guy who sends me cool stuff to play with and write about. I have much to be thankful for.

I’m thankful for my tenth-grade English teacher who taught me that words matter. Evelyn Baird told me that I’d be a writer someday. She passed away years ago, but I suspect that wherever she is right now she is somehow grading everything I write. I choose my words carefully, so I won’t have to wash too many blackboards when she hands me my final report card.

I’m thankful for the American freedoms we still have, and I’m thankful for those who continue the fight to protect them and to restore those freedoms we’ve lost: the NRA, Knife Rights, the Second Amendment Foundation, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Gun Owners Of America, and yes, even the ACLU most of the time.

I’m thankful for the writers who have helped me here at TTAK: Will, Nathan, Clay, Tyler, Nick, Jay, and Henry. I hope I can repay you all someday.

And finally I’m thankful for all of you who’ve come to read our stories here and share your own. Without you these words would all be messages in a bottle, floating around in the ether.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.



  1. Aharon says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Chris and all others.

    PS What knife are you going to carve the turkey with?

    1. Chris Dumm says:

      We’re eating someone else’s turkey today, but I’ll make another one for Saturday’s ‘Leftovers Party’ and I’m torn over what to carve it with.

      The Robson X-46 and the Becker BK-9 really deserve a shot at a big bird, but the blades are so darned thick. The Ginsu Chikaras are doing fantastic in my long-term kitchen test, and the chef’s knife was an absolute scalpel on last night’s bone-in New York Roast.

      But I’m leaning toward the Mora Long Clip for dismantling Saturday’s bird. The fact that I can throw it in the dishwasher doesn’t hurt its chances.

  2. Robert says:

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Sam L. says:

    I’m thankful you got this blog started; I’ve enjoyed it immensely (and bought 3 knives you recommended).

  4. Nathan says:

    I’m thankful that you let me write for this blog, even though my output has been a little down recently.
    I’m thankful that my family supported me moving 1100 miles away from them (from California to Wyoming). This is my first Thanksgiving away from them and my first time cooking a turkey
    I’m thankful that I have a job that (barely) gets the bills paid.
    I’m thankful for the men and women keeping us safe in the military, police, and EMS services around the country.
    I’m thankful for the men and women that founded this great nation. Without them we would be nothing

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Turkey Day: Some Of What I’m Thankful For

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