Tweet Of The Day: Cup Beats Knife, But Only In Hollywood.

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I haven’t seen Vin Diesel’s new Riddick flick yet, but I’m with the Cold Steel guys on this one. I, too, would love to see Starbuck, er, Katee Sackhoff ice a bad guy with nothing more than a metal cup. This pic is grabbed from The Chronicles Of Riddick, of course, and it’s Vin and not Katee who punches a core sample from the baddie’s cardio-thoracic region. But a guy can still dream, can’t he?

In real life, of course I’d rather have this Cold Steel Recon Tanto than a Sierra cup, but that’s the magic of CGI and the epochal badassedness of Vin Diesel. Hooray for Hollywood!


  1. Out_Fang_Thief says:

    “Death by teacup,…now why didn’t I think of that?”

    Uhh, because he’s Riddick, and you’re not? That said, his picking up the
    tiny sardine key and placing it on the rock were the teacup was sitting,
    after he just cored that dude like an apple, was the best non-verbal line.

    Somewhere along my life, I heard a name for a defense theory, I thought
    it was French, but it translates as “everything you pick up is a weapon.”
    From a toothpick, to a truncheon, it can be an effective lethal weapon.
    Some have told me it’s Krav Maga that I’m thinking about, but I heard
    the French? version before I heard Krav Maga.

    Going to see the new Riddick tonight. Trying to figure out what happened
    to the Necromonger’s he was supposed to be leading. How did he get out
    of the “You keep what you kill” rule, and end up on a distant planet, again?
    Or is this a prequel to the first Riddick?

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Tweet Of The Day: Cup Beats Knife, But Only In Hollywood.

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