Twitter Contest: “Why do YOU NEED a Wilmont Knives #BeerDefender”?


Tweet @knifetruth why you want/need/deserve a free #BeerDefender from Wilmont Knives / Empire Outfitters.

I admit that I was not a Twitter-er until I took over the reigns at TTAK. However, with FaceBook screwing over business pages that don’t want to pay to play, I have found Twitter to both be entertaining and a more useful platform than FaceBook these days. In a nutshell, if you don’t pay to “boost” your posts, they only get seen by about 10% of your followers. I used to put a lot of work into a nightly fishing report for my guide service’s page, but it isn’t worth the effort anymore. Zuckerberg can go bite a tanto.

TTAK’s Twitter handle is @knifetruth. Please give us a follow. To encourage you all to join us if you haven’t already, we are holding a contest and giving away some more Empire Outfitters/Wilmont Knives gear. In this case the BeerDefender bottle-opener/keychain tool. All you have to do is send us a tweet to tell us why YOU NEED/DESERVE the Beer Defender. Best entry wins the Beer Defender, runner up wins the Empire Outfitter’s tshirt.


The Beer Defender is a pretty cool little tool. It is made by Wilmont Knives and is available exclusively from Empire Outfitters. It is made from aircraft aluminum (they have made them from titanium in the past), and looks kind of like a miniature pair of partial brass knuckles. I couldn’t stake my reputation on unproven gear – It  has opened 2 or 3 beers (for scientific purposes), and has been attached to my keyring for a day before I had the idea for the contest and removed it. It has a couple of small pocket scuffs, but otherwise is in new condition.


The Beer Defender does an excellent job opening one’s favorite bottle of barley soda.


The rules for the contest are simple: You need to tweet @knifetruth and include the hashtag #BeerDefender. So that leaves you 115 characters to come up with your best grovel reason why YOU are the one who NEEDS/DESERVES the Beer Defender. You can enter as many times as you like. The whole point of this is to crank up activity on our Twitter feed, so tweet away. The contest is also open to our Twitter followers who are not necessarily everyday readers.

The tweets can be funny or serious, though I imagine funny will probably be more likely to fit the spirit of the contest. I am not ruling anything out. They can be off color, but try to keep it SFW. You can include a picture if you wish, though only 115 characters of text, so no holding up a sheet of notebook paper with a novel on it. Otherwise, pretty much anything else is fair game. Lets have some fun.

As far as the results of my testing…The Beer Defender does a superlative job of allowing me entry to my favorite bottle of frosty goodness. In this case it is a bottle of Dortmunder Gold the flagship brew of the Great Lakes Brewing Company. Highly recommended, and as a native Clevelander I can’t resist putting in a plug for the 216.

YMMV, but I imagine the Beer Defender would do a fine job on your favorite beer as well. Send @knifetruth your best tweet and you might win one for yourself. #BeerDefender


  1. cmeat says:

    alas, i shall never be the upper class twitterer of the year. this depresses me to no end. i fear i may need to delve into my stash of vintage andeker suds solely to chase away these feelings of inadequency. but how to liberate said refreshment? if only…

  2. Sam L. says:

    Because my beer is beset, surrounded on all sides by those who hate it, wish to destroy it, crush it, break it, and spread its precious bodily fluid into the ground, and it appealed to me, “Help me, Obi-Sam, you’re my only hope!”

  3. Skyler says:

    Hmm. I’d hate to get frisked by a cop who thinks those are brass knuckles, and that name doesn’t help.

    (Just contributing to paranoia.)

    1. I think that there are certainly jurisdictions and individual LEOs that might have a problem with it. Honestly, I haven’t really been able to find a position where I would want to use it over simply flaring my keys between my fingers. I would be worried about breaking my finger. There might be a way I am missing, but haven’t figured it out.

      I have a hard time stretching the definition of “tactical” to include pens, let alone a keychain bottle opener. I know I have seen one or two that are better than most, though I can’t recall one.

      I actually own a TAD Titanium “Tactical Spork” that I received as a groomsman’s gift.

      Nonetheless, the BeerDefender is a cool little piece of gear.

  4. By the way… given how the first two comments made me laugh:

    If you put them in Limerick or Haiku form, I will accept them as potential t-shirt winners. Same goes for anyone who is not on Twitter who wants to comment.

    Non-poetic comments are still encouraged.

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Twitter Contest: “Why do YOU NEED a Wilmont Knives #BeerDefender”?

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