Twitter Contest Winners: Final List


The other swag for our #BeerDefender contest

Howdy folks, I announced the Beer Defender and Empire Outfitters T-Shirt winners last week, but I promised to go over the rest of the swag for the participants. So here is the complete (I hope) list of the runners up.

Utica Knife: Sam L – his original comment inspired me to open the contest up to blog posts:

Because my beer is beset, surrounded on all sides by those who hate it, wish to destroy it, crush it, break it, and spread its precious bodily fluid into the ground, and it appealed to me, “Help me, Obi-Sam, you’re my only hope!”

My beer is beset,
For it do I fret,
It’s time is not yet,
If the Beer Defender I get.

Help me, Obi-Sam, you’re my only hope!
Get a Beer Defender, you dope!
Fight for me fiercely,
Do not let them pierce me,
Or hit me with soap on a rope.


Benelli  Knife: Stuart B:

So Clay,
More stuff to give away?
A bottle top tactical flipper,
one that might not exactly install fear in Jack
(the Ripper)
But hey, it’s not like every day
We get to play
At ‘laminous poetray’,
So we take a stab at that
To crack open that cap
In a boozy Tacti-Cool way


Nissan Titan ceramic/carbide sharpener: @RogerRiga (You need to keep your pig hunting stuff sharp, and send us a post for the essay contest)



Kershaw Bottle Opener: AW1Ed – His was the first Haiku:

Sidewalks cleared again
Snow gently falls, piling deeply
Screw this, I need beer

Empire Outfitters Morale Patch: @ITZ4me515/John Botts:




SOG Morale Patch: @AlexanderIgnatiev – the “Real Beer Defender”


Spyderco Hat Pin:@still_grumpy/Scott Rone:



There are stickers for the rest of you who entered, either on Twitter or here on the blog. I would appreciate if all of you who entered would please send an email to . I will try to get everything out by the end of the week.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this the most successful contest that TTAK has had to date. Special thanks go out to Nuge at Empire Outfitters and Chris at Wilmont Knives for providing our prizes. I know that the contest judging was somewhat arbitrary, but I hope everyone had fun.


  1. Sam L. says:

    I won a knife! To carry in my pocket! Happy, happy, happy.

    Thanks, Clay.

    P.S.: Address to come separately.

  2. Roger says:

    Congratulations to everyone who won. Hope you guys have got done shoveling for a day or two to enjoy life.

  3. Sam L. says:

    Arrived March 4th; nice little knife!

    1. a nice little thing to slip into the pocket of a pair of dress slacks.

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Twitter Contest Winners: Final List

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