Two Japanese men stab themselves to get out of work in separate incidents.

It seems two men in Japan in fact “lost it”. It would have been better to simply cut themselves in an “accident”, but they both made the dumb move of filing false police reports. They now have been arrested after confessing to stabbing themselves as an excuse to get out of work in separate incidents that day.


At around 7:30 a.m. on 22 February a man walked into a police box complaining that while he was using the urinal of Shonaidori Station on the Tsurumai Line of Nagoya’s subway he felt someone push into his back. Checking afterwards he discovered blood.

Sure enough, when the police examined the 54-year-old man they found a 2.5 centimeter (1 inch) long stab wound on the right side of his lower back. He was then rushed to hospital for treatment while the restroom of Shonaidori Station was closed off to be investigated as a crime scene.

It is unclear whether it was because evidence was found at the crime scene, or because investigators were finding inconsistencies in his testimony, but that same day while waiting in the hospital the victim felt compelled to come clean and confess that he was his own attacker.

About ten minutes prior to going to the police, the man had entered the bathroom of Shonaidori Station and drove his own 13 centimeter (5 inch) kitchen knife into his back and then discarded the blade into some shrubbery outside of the station.

When asked the obvious question of “why,” the man said he “thought that getting injured would be a good way not to go to work.”

(NSFW language in video)


As was mentioned, the first man was not the only one to come up with this brilliant scheme. On the opposite side of the country police responded to a similar incident.

(J)ust as Nagoya police were closing the case on this fake stabbing, a call came into the emergency line for police in Kurume City, Fukuoka on the other side of the country. Someone had reported that “an unidentified assailant stabbed a co-worker near their company.

The 26-year-old victim was then taken to hospital with a deep stab wound in his right elbow. He told the authorities that just as he was getting out of his car in the parking lot of the baked goods company where he worked someone attempted to steal his backpack. When the man resisted he was stabbed.

However, police quickly began to notice unusual things about the victim… such as the fact that he had a knife in his possession. After putting the pieces together they confronted the so-called victim who then confessed to stabbing himself because he “didn’t want to go into” the baked goods company where he worked. He too was arrested for filing a false police report.

Apparently they both “had a case of the Mondays”…on a Wednesday. Hopefully they don’t commit seppuku when they lose their jobs anyway.


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Two Japanese men stab themselves to get out of work in separate incidents.

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