Two men stab each other with same knife in fight.

They say that there are no winners in a knife fight. Just ask these two losers.

From the Pueblo Chieftain:

A pair of men went to the area of Graham Park near the intersection of West 13th Street and Graham Avenue to fight each other just after noon, according to police

During the course of the fight, one of the males pulled out a knife and started slicing the man he was fighting.

The male who got sliced somehow took the knife from the other man and used it on him to stab him, police said.

Both men were transported to a local hospital to be treated for their wounds. Police described their injuries as non-life threatening.

The names of the men involved have not been released as an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Sgt. Eric Gonzales of the Pueblo Police Department said both men are being treated as suspects and victims at this time.



  1. Hannibal says:

    The more someone knows about knife-fighting the less most people want to ever try it. In a fight (as opposed to catching someone by surprise) usually everyone ends up bleeding.

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Two men stab each other with same knife in fight.

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