Two women stabbed to death in Marseille “known-wolf” jihadi attack

the scene of the Marseille attack (via Reuters)

I was out of town during this latest attack, which left two young women dead on the streets of Marseille, France. It has quite obviously been knocked below the fold by the Las Vegas shooting, and I wanted to make note of it.

There is not much that I have to say with regards to the Las Vegas attack, beyond expressing my condolences and prayers for those affected. TTAG has been all over it, and you can read the mothership’s comprehensive coverage here. David French has a great piece about the shooting over at National Review, noting several quite puzzling aspects of this shooting that set it apart from others spree shootings. If there is an angle that speaks to me I may write further, but for now I don’t see much that is  germane to TTAKs pages.

The Marseille attack took place just outside the city’s main train station, was carried out by a perp who had a lengthy rap-sheet, and has been claimed by the Islamic State…


Two young women have been stabbed to death at Marseille’s main train station in a suspected terrorist attack.

Soldiers on guard at the station shot dead the attacker, who police described as of North African appearance and aged about 30. Witnesses said he shouted “Allahu akbar” (God is greatest).

So-called Islamic State (IS) said the attacker was one of its “soldiers”.

One victim had her throat slit and the other was stabbed in the stomach. They were aged 17 and 20.

President Emmanuel Macron said he was disgusted by the “barbarous act” and paid tribute to the soldiers and the police officers who responded.

The attack took place by a bench outside the southern French city’s Saint Charles train station.

Interior Minister Gérard Collomb told reporters that the attacker had fled after the first murder but returned to kill again.

It would have been better if a bystander had been allowed to be legally armed and the attacker ventillated during the first attack. Not to diminish the heroism of the soldiers who did respond and shoot the perp, but as they say, “When seconds count, authorities are just minutes away”.

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Two women stabbed to death in Marseille “known-wolf” jihadi attack

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