UC Merced Stabber ID’d, “Had smile on his face”.


18 year-old Faisal Mohammad, was shot dead by police after stabbing 4 people.

Police have identified the perpetrator of yesterday’s stabbing spree at UC Merced. 18 year-old Faisal Mohammad wounded 4 people before being killed by campus police. Official’s are cautioning against drawing conclusions from Faisal’s ethnicity. They are not releasing any motive at this time. (Editors Note: According to the Merced Sun Star, Mohammad was angry over being kicked out of a study group) While an ISIS-connected Twitter account praised the attack, there has not been any information connecting Mohammad to anything larger released by police. It turns out that Faisal was quite the loner.

From DailyMailUK:

A reclusive student shot dead by police after stabbing four people in a California university campus attack ‘had far greater intentions to do damage’, Merced County Sheriff said Wednesday.

Faisal Mohammad, a freshman who majored in computer science and engineering at the University of California was carrying highly flammable petroleum jelly, ziptie handcuffs, night vision goggles, duct tape and a hammer in his backpack when he was shot in the back by cops.

In reference to the petroleum jelly, Sheriff Vern Warnke said: ‘He had poor man’s C4’ – C4 being the dense, putty-like explosive used widely by the military and demolition teams.

Moments before he had ‘smiled’ as he used a 10-inch hunting knife to stab two students, a campus construction worker and a female teacher in a terrifying attack that was praised by an Isis-linked Twitter account.

However police have insisted his attacked were based on ‘personal animosities’ and a ‘vendetta’, not a political agenda.

The 18-year-old, described as anti-social by his roommate, was supposedly ‘having fun’ as he slashed the first student in the throat inside a classroom.

 While it is quite possible that he was not part of a larger conspiracy, it is entirely possible that jihad-related online material might have helped catalyze the plot within a lonely, impressionable individual who fits the more typical spree-killer profile.

Or it could be that Faisal Mohammad was exactly what one might have imagined when he was identified.  I don’t have a lot of confidence that if Mohammad was a wanna-be jihadi that it won’t be buried by police.

At least since he was a student they can’t say it was “workplace violence”.



  1. Grindstone says:

    “The Truth About Muslims”?

    So if we’re going down the “he has a middle-eastern name, therefore it’s a terrorist jihadi attack” then count me out of this “blog”. I’m here for knives, not far-right bigotry and xenophobic bull.

    1. Grind,

      I said he might well have been a loner with no connection in this case. I had not yet seen the “list” information. Looks like my line about “more typical spree killer profile” is the correct one.

      I do stand by my statement of public officials bending over backwards to obfuscate Islamist connections. Look at Clock Boy. People freaked out that other people were jumping to conclusions. Turns out he was actually from a family of Islamist agitators, albeit with no apparent violent connection. The “clock” was meant to draw a reaction.

      Like it or not, the religion of Islam has a symbolic thing for knives, and using them on the infidel. It is a nexus of knives/news/and culture and therefor within the scope of this blog. There have been jihadi attacks with knives in more countries than I can count, and in several cases such as the Knife Intifada, ISIS beheadings, and the Bangladeshi blogger killings, is actually an organized campaign.

      I do believe that there is a fundamental incompatibility between Islam and liberal democratic values. That isn’t to say that all Muslims are potential jihadis, the majority aren’t. However to say that there is no connection between Islam and a tremendous amount of violence in the world, much of it knife-related, it absurd.

      I would very much hate to lose you as a reader. I value your contributions to our comments section, and you are a knowledgeable addition. This blog covers all facets of knives and the knife world. I try very hard to balance the content, ironically this week we have had less news and more actual knives.

      Thank you for voicing your concern.


      1. fwiw: I made a correction above, putting further weight behind the “typical spree killer” narrative.

        1. MD says:

          @Clay – for what its worth, I appreciate your insightful editorial position on radical Islam and, in particular, the use of the knife as a tool of terror by certain groups and individuals who follow an extreme brand of Islam. I would hate to see you muzzle or self-censor yourself, because of the risk of offending certain segments. The centuries-old clash of cultures and religions has entered into new, and quite dangerous, phase. Now is the not the time for aware and intelligent people to bow to political correctness. This is the time for realtalk. Please don’t stop telling it like it is.

    2. MD says:

      @grindstone: Authorities stated today that the guy had a 2-page manifesto and plan of attack that contained the phrase “Praise Allah” several times. It also described how he planned to behead someone. Authorities haven’t declared the attack to be an act of terror, but I’m quite able to read to between the lines. If you’re not able to make sense of this data, in context of other world events, you’re delusional.

  2. Spencer says:

    This is not a profound observation, but if there is one good thing about this incident it’s this: The bad guy–whatever his motive(s)– got smoked. No exhaustive psychological examinations, lengthy trial, decades of expensive incarceration, hand-wringing by the media and shrill yammering from certain apologist organizations. Unfortunately, I suspect there will be many more of these random attacks. Stay vigilant; you’re responsible for your own safety and security.

  3. Spencer says:

    I, too, have enjoyed Clay’s wide-ranging knife articles, even when I occasionally disagree with some issues he’s raised. Sometimes unpleasant information and perspectives force me to reconsider or adjust my thinking.

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UC Merced Stabber ID’d, “Had smile on his face”.

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