UK Drama “EastEnders” addresses youth violence with knives

Eastenders Knife Crime

If a drama program is supposed to reflect reality, I suppose that this recent episode of the popular British drama series did just that. Since the body count is piling up on the streets of the UK, the fact that a stabbing would end a life on the show was only a matter of time. Anti-knife campaigners celebrated the episode.

From GazzetteLiveUK:

A powerful EastEnders episode which featured a Redcar knife crime victim is already proving its worth, a campaigning mum says.

For after the episode shown on Friday, July 6, in which real-life families attended the fictional funeral of stabbing victim Shakil Kazemi, a young man tweeted to say that after seeing what knife crime could do, he had decided not to carry a blade.

And that, says Theresa Cave, is just the sort of result the programme was aiming for.

In the widely acclaimed episode, the families of knife crime victims held photos of their loved ones as Shakil’s coffin was carried past them.

Really? They are celebrating a random tweet from someone saying they weren’t going to be carrying a knife. I would like to ask the tweeter/twit if he thought that the presence of a knife is what would make him harm someone. Because frankly, if your carrying a knife makes you a danger to others, you are just as dangerous as you are without one.

On the other hand, if you are reasonably able to refrain from shanking someone while you are carrying a knife, you are no more dangerous than someone carrying a hand grenade if they lack the intent to use it (and are smart enough not to play with the pin).

Unfortunately, the powers-that-be in the UK don’t trust the plebes to be responsible for their own actions, and with each new attack try to come up with another impotent restriction on objects, not people, which is going to do nothing to actually stop knife crime.




  1. Sam L. says:

    The once great Great Britain…

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UK Drama “EastEnders” addresses youth violence with knives

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