UK Road Rage: Two men, armed with an axe and knife square off on London street


Road Rage: UK Style

In a grave situation narrowly averted, two men in London faced off following a fender bender on a London street.


One man was seen brandishing an axe, while the other wielded a knife, during the dispute in London today.

Witness Mitchell Webb told the Mirror he feared “another Lee Rigby” style attack after the pulled out the weapons just 400 metres away from an army barracks.

One of the men, who was driving a blue Peugeot 206, waved a short-handled axe above his head in the fracas.

The other, who had been driving a green car, pointed his knife at the other.

Mr Webb, understood to be a 48-year-old photographer who lives opposite the Territorial Army Centre in Portway, east London, managed to grab his camera and get shots of the men during what he believes started as a road rage row…

…Mr Webb told the newspaper: “I was downstairs when I heard a woman shouting so I ran upstairs and looked out the window.

“I didn’t know why they were arguing but they seemed to square up to each other and then got back in their cars and drove off.

“I’m ex-military police myself and I live opposite the TA barracks so I always keep an eye out.

“But when you see something like this it makes you fear for another Lee Rigby.”

He added that on the junction where the incident happened, shortly before 1pm today, there are often minor incidents involving motorists.

By the time he says he called cops the pair had both left the scene.

Douchebaggery knows no boundaries. Thankfully, neither man wanted to escalate things further. I give credit to whomever was not the initial aggressor. Standing up to a bully is a good thing, and it takes some stones to square off with a melee weapon.

I just want to know what kind of person illegally (I don’t know this for sure but it is illegal to carry a humble Opinel in London) rolls with an axe in their Peugeot.


  1. Colorado Wellington says:

    Is it illegal to have an axe in the car in London?

    1. Sam L. says:

      If you can’t carry a knife, an axe would seem prohibited, too. Besides, an axeman is likely a tree murderer!

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UK Road Rage: Two men, armed with an axe and knife square off on London street

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