UK Terror-trial: Suspect argued with his wife over the price of the knife

Terror wife

Madihah Taheer testified that she wouldn’t let her husband buy a 300£ knife. (via BBC)

Spouses argue all the time. She wants to redecorate the bedroom, he wants to buy a flatscreen. She wants to buy clothes, toys, and a crib for the baby she was expecting, he wants to buy a 300£ knife to go on a jihadi killing spree. Typical domestic stuff…

From BBC:

Madihah Taheer, 21, told her husband “they all do the same thing” when he wanted her to spend £300 on the weapon.

Ummariyat Mirza has pleaded guilty to planning an attack with the knife – but his wife denies knowing his intentions.

Prosecutors allege Ms Taheer was a willing participant in her husband’s plan prior to his arrest in March.

Woolwich Crown Court heard that in 2016 Ms Taheer bought her husband a martial arts dummy so he could practice attack techniques with a plastic “training knife”.

But he complained it wasn’t good enough because it was too hard to feel like skin.

“I know the difference in feeling, the same way I like hitting u. It’s fun,” he told her via Whatsapp.

By January 2017, Mirza announced he wanted to spend £300 on a real knife.

The couple were expecting their first child and Ms Taheer said the weapon did not have to be “state of the art”.

“It’s just going to sit at home Ummar, you’re not going to carry it around all the time,” Ms Taheer told her husband online.

“It’s as real as it gets,” said Mirza.

As they argued, Mirza said they were “living like kuffar”, meaning unbelievers.

She replied: “No seriously, just think. I’ve got to pay for my outfit for Mariam’s wedding, her wedding presents, baby things – which is not cheap.”

She later added: “Have you found a cheaper one? They all do the same frigging thing Ummar, you don’t have to spend £300.”

Mirza later relented and Ms Taheer bought her husband a cheaper knife. He then fashioned a way to conceal it on his body.

Madihah is a woman who knows what she wants. Apparently she would only consent to Mirza’s scheme once he “put a ring on it”.

Maybe Islamism was not the motive for Mirza’a planned attack. It could be that he was driven crazy by his wife.


  1. Sam L. says:

    A 4″ paring knife would do the job, or a 6″ kitchen knife. I’m with the wife on this. Mirza was already crazy.

  2. stuartb says:

    I had a strange sense of Deja Vu as I read her comments

  3. Ted Renard says:

    Hi guys. Not sure how this trial went, & I live in the UK. Over here, if you know of a crime being committed, or you know of the intention to commit a crime, and you fail to inform the police, you are as guilty as those who actually carried out the activity. Her known communications which took place before the event have left her bang to rights. She should have got an equivalent sentence or deportation. Can’t comment on the domestics issue as I’m not married, sadly, but I believe there is no legal precedent in British law of a husband coming off best in a domestic argument without resorting to physical threat. 🙂

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UK Terror-trial: Suspect argued with his wife over the price of the knife

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