UK “Zombie Knife” ban goes into effect Thursday

It is trending all over the interwebs but if you are a regular reader of TTAK you read all about it last January.

From Gizmodo:

Massive knives with serrated blades and bits hanging off them like something out of aFinal Fantasy nightmare sequence are now illegal in England and Wales, with the government deciding that no one really has a legitimate need to own a decorative lump of metal with a 25-inch blade and a blade over the handle with another blade on the side of it.

The changes comes as part of an update to the Criminal Justice Act 1988, which has outlawed the sale, manufacture, rental and importation of anything deemed to be a bit much for getting stones out of horses’ hooves.

Four years? For a piece of stamped sheet metal I could make with a file a bar of mystery metal and a can of lime-green spray paint. But they are more scary looking than a mundane kitchen knife, the tool most frequently used in fatal attacks. So ban them. For the children.

My opinion remains unchanged from when I wrote the following last January.

From TTAK:

 Anyone interested enough in knives to be reading a knife blog likely already sees these objects for what they are: Cheap Asian mall-ninja crap. I lost interest in junk like this about the time I turned 12.

It is already illegal for people to carry almost any knife in the UK, let alone a 2′ section of Pakistani car-bumper. So now if you are caught with one, they will be illegalier. So you have been warned.

Double-secret illegal. Heaven help the poor saps in the UK.


  1. Gato says:

    Are stones next?

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UK “Zombie Knife” ban goes into effect Thursday

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