UPDATE: Asiana Flight Attendent Was Trapped By Inflated Escape Slide

777 Safety Card

CNN is reporting that in the minutes after Asiana flight 214 crashed on landing, the evacuation of passengers and crew from the destroyed 777 was further delayed by the inflation of a life raft/escape slide inside the cabin. A flight attendant sitting near the door was trapped by the inflated slide, which also (presumably) blocked that exit doorway until passengers could deal with it.

And what’s the quickest way to deflate a life raft that’s blocking your escape from a burning airplane? With knives, of course. Knives that none of the passengers were allowed to carry…

From CNN:

Passengers described the cabin interior as heavily damaged, with overhead bins dropping and at least one life raft/escape slide inflating inside the aircraft, trapping a flight attendant, whom passengers helped free.

I’m not sure how the passengers deflated the raft and freed the flight attendant, but we salute their courage and ingenuity. It would have gone a whole lot faster if one of them had been able to whip out a Victorinox Camper (or, heaven forbid, a Kershaw Chive) and go all snicker-snack on the unruly life raft.

And the rest of the rescue would also have gone a lot faster if the cabin crew didn’t have to wait for police to toss utility knives up to them to cut the seatbelts that trapped many passengers in their seats while the aircraft burned around them.

I’m not saying that the ‘No Knives On Planes’ policy actually killed anyone. Not this time. But why wait until it does?


  1. Matt in FL says:

    Thanks for the shoutout to the Chive. My EDC. 😀

  2. jwm says:

    Or the alternative narrative could have been,”After the plane ditched at least 20 of the survivors drowned when a panic stricken passenger with a knife destroyed their life raft when he thought it was jamming his escape route from the aircraft.” Just being the devils advocate here.

    1. BierceAmbrose says:

      What’s the psycho-density?

      If you think most people, most of the time are sensible and well-meaning, the more capabilities you allow them the better. If not, in the end they should only fly naked, restrained hand and foot after a thorough cavity search.

      It’s about whether people, regular, unfiltered, randomly selected people, can help themselves and each other. If regular people can never help, take away all their capability on the off chance of the one rare psycho.

      Meanwhile, explain that regular people can’t help to the folks carried and treated at the Boston bombing by regular folks who happend to be there, the office-dwellers helped down the stairs of the twin towers by their colleagues, or the kids saved from drowning by random passers-by in my own berg not two months ago.

      It’s long past time to knock that nonsense off – nobody can have a tool to do some good because somebody, rarely might use that tool to do some bad.

  3. g says:

    I don’t remember the exact link, but another news report said some of the flight attendants improvised and used fire hatchets to deflate the raft. Good for them.

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UPDATE: Asiana Flight Attendent Was Trapped By Inflated Escape Slide

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