UPDATE: Swedish Police Were Warned About Stabbing Spree Killer

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Swedish police had received advance warnings about the 24 year-old man who killed one and wounded two in a stabbing rampage in Varberg, Sweden on Sunday. The ever-polite Swedish press reports that despite the warnings, ‘the police were unable to prevent the knife attacks.’ . . .

Friends of the murderer apparently provided his name and description to police beforehand, warning the authorities that their friend was acting strangely. From the Sweden edition of thelocal.com:

“The information was that he was not feeling very well and that they were worried about him,” said Jonas Bergman at Halland police to the GT Expressen daily.

A description of the man was also provided to police who were unable to prevent the knife attacks which led to one woman’s death and two men being rushed to hospital with stab wounds.

Police were called at around 10am on Sunday morning following the stabbing of a man on Gamla Kyrkbacken in central Varberg.

While police were hunting the suspect an hour later reports filtered in of further stabbings on Lilla Drottninggatan. A man in his late teens and an elderly lady are reported to have been stabbed at the location.

The suspect was later shot by police after refusing to surrender his weapon and subsequently died of his injuries.

The moral of this story: if you catch the crazies and the criminals, you’ll stop the violence. Taking tools away from decent, law-abiding folk doesn’t protect anyone from anything. In fact it does exactly the opposite.

Robert A. Heinlein said it in many of his books, and it’s as true today as it was in the 1960s. There are no dangerous weapons, only dangerous people.


  1. legoman0721 says:

    For those that say that knives are so much less lethal than guns and so knife crime is preferable to gun crime, it sure didn’t help that old lady. Remember, banning tools has a disproportionately harsh effect on those that are already disadvantaged: the old, the sick, the weak, the poor.

  2. scubamatt says:

    The exact quote is “There are no dangerous weapons, only dangerous men.” One of several maxims that I have guided my life with, along with “One man can make a difference” and “Your mind is your primary weapon”, among others.

    It sounds like the ‘warning’ to the police was pretty useless, because ‘he’s not feeling well, and we’re worried about him’ doesn’t really equate to ‘we think he may murder some people with a knife’.

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UPDATE: Swedish Police Were Warned About Stabbing Spree Killer

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