Urban Bushcraft Tip: Use Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer hack

I am not too great at regular bushcraft skills and I am not much better at urban life hacks. But I do know one that is easy and it works: hand sanitizer. The stuff works great for cleaning knives and getting rid of glue and gunk.

In an office or warehouse environment, one often uses an EDC blade to open boxes, packages, envelopes, etc. Most people do not have gun lube lying around or time and equipment to scour their blades. However, hand sanitizer is darn near everywhere. It works great on getting gunk off of blades and it dries quickly. The gel kind works better than the foamy kind although any kind works adequately well. A paper towel or toilet paper can wipe it off clean (and dry) and you are back in action.

It also makes a great accelerant for firestarting. It doesn’t take a spark directly, but if you have a flame established, it will boost the second fuel you add to the tinder. Not necessarily something you would be doing in an urban environment, but a useful tidbit to file away for emergency use.

So, I shared this hack in order get some from you our readers. Got blade hacks?




  1. Geat Hack! Who-da-thunk-it? I’ll file that one away next to the “fish traps.”

  2. stuartb says:

    I first found out the flammability of this stuff just about the same time the airlines stopped issuing it in the business class passenger kits.

    A related knife hack is to overtly use your own spit to clean your blade while camping, it prevents your mates/spouse from ‘borrowing’ your nice sharp knife and using it to cut up their lunch on metal plates and so trash the edge.

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Urban Bushcraft Tip: Use Hand Sanitizer

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