Victory!: Governor Abbott signs Texas “Bowie Bill”

Huge news out of Texas. Today Governor Abbott signed into law a repeal of one of the most moronic, and undeniably most ironic knife restrictions in the nation. HB 1935, known colloquially as the “Bowie Bill” removes daggers, dirks, stilettos, poniards, swords, spears and most notably, Bowie knives, from Texas statute, effectively legalizing carry of said knives almost everywhere in the state.

Following the spree-stabbing at UT Austin, carried out with a Bowie knife, the bill looked to be dead in its boots. It gained a last-minute reprieve when language was added allowing prohibition of said tools with a greater than 5 1/2″ blade in limited locations such as schools, bars and correctional facilities.

This is breaking news, Knife Rights just posted the photo above to their Facebook Page a couple of hours ago, and I had only heard the news shortly before that. As Doug and Todd both attended the unfortunately now newsworthy Congressional Charity Baseball Game (they were on Capital Hill lobbying for KOPA), they have not yet issued an official statement.

I have reached out to Doug seeking clarification as to “effective-date”. I do not know if this is effective immediately, or if it goes into effect at a later date. Use caution, the prior ban may still be in place. I will update when I learn for sure.

Update: The repeal does not go into effect until September 1, 2017. Until then you are still subject to arrest for violation of the current prohibitions. (source)

It is unfortunate that the limited restriction had to have been added, but the alternative was a multi-year wait to start over from scratch. The Texas legislature meets only semi-annually, and that was just too big a setback when so much stood to be gained.

Kudos to Knife Rights, their legislative partners, and all those who have worked so tirelessly to see this to fruition.

I will post any relevant official statements as they become available.


As it is not directly relevant to TTAK, I have not commented on yesterdays attempted assassination of the Republican baseball team. The Mothership (TTAG) has that pretty well in hand as one would expect.

However, this photo (I am not  sure if it was pre or post game) was shared by Knife Rights from the game tonight, and it speaks more than my words could add.

I pray for the victims and I pray for this great Nation.

Stay safe folks. -HCA



  1. Scott Slack says:

    Here’s the link to the text of the bill:

    Very last line reads, “SECTION 10. This Act takes effect September 1, 2017.”

  2. Andrew Lee Widener says:

    Nice to be able to legally carry tools. Good job Texas. Now let’s follow example here in Tennessee.

    1. Tennessee has no length limit at all. Nor restrictions on type of blade or prohibition on automatics. Tennessee is almost perfect when it comes to knives.

  3. Kim King says:

    He needs to ban semi automatic guns, not stupid knives. He is an idiot.

    1. Kim Dutoit says:

      “He” can’t do squat about semi-auto guns. It’s up to the TX Legislature, and they ain’t gonna do squat about it either, because Texans would vote them out of office if they did.

      1. Dr. Dave says:

        Dam Straight.

      2. Richard McEnroe says:

        “vote” if they’re lucky… “Hey, guys! I brought the feathers! Who’s got the tar?

    2. Penrod says:

      The American promise of Liberty was, in fact, a promise of Liberty from obviously superior people like you who demand to control all other people’s lives. Whether you like it or not, your inferiors have rights, too: rights to decide for themselves how they will run their lives for better or worse, no matter how obvious it is to people like you that they are constantly making wrong decisions. If allowing others to run their own lives as they see fit is just too offensive a concept to accept, maybe you should consider emulating your ancestors and emigrate to a more congenial country.

  4. cmeat says:

    kimberly kingaroo forgot her sarc tag. pedi wasn’t dry yet.

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Victory!: Governor Abbott signs Texas “Bowie Bill”

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