Video: 600 lb. tuna, meet $10,000 Maguro knife

A maguro bōchō is the giant Japanese knife which is used for filleting large fish such as tuna. According to the person addressing the crowd, this particular example is worth cool $10k. Of course the fish it is being used on is probably worth 10 times that, so there is that.

The Japanese have a niche tool for every task under the sun. Many of these run the gambit of quality, but there are always examples that are the pinnacle of the craft. A Morakniv this is not.

The maguro looks like a katana at first glance, but the blade profile is rounded towards the spine to prevent meat clinging to the blade. There are considerable differences to the handle as well. It is shaped differently, lacks a guard, and is bare wood, not wrapped.

more maguro videos below the jump.




  1. sean webb says:

    hmmmmmm that’s pretty interesting to watch.

  2. Tim says:

    Maguro means tuna, so could you call it bouchou or maguro bouchou to keep me from imagining a man using a small tuna to cut bigger ones? lol

    1. I hear that herring make better cutlery.

      1. cmeat says:

        “ekki- ekki- ekki- ekki- p’tang- zoom- boing- z’noorrwringmm!”

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Video: 600 lb. tuna, meet $10,000 Maguro knife

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