Video: Anthony Bourdain visits Bob Kramer

Bourdain visits Bob Kramer

I like Anthony Bourdain. I like knives. I like Scotch whisky. I love a video that combines all 3.

Balvenie is a Spey whisky, and while my palate favors the gnarlier, peatier Islays, it is still a wonderful single malt. They have put together a web series titled “Raw Craft”, celebrating all things hand-crafted (like their whisky) and highlighting craftsman in various fields. Past episodes have included hand-tailored suits and saxophones.

In Episode 4, Anthony visits with ABS Master Bladesmith Bob Kramer in Washington. Never one to settle for ordinary, Bob takes Anthony through the complete process from forging steel to finished knife with a twist. He incorporates actual meteorite into the blade.

I have been wanting to ask, but it is just too far off the reservation to devote an entire post to but:

What is your adult beverage of choice?

As I said, I am a fan of Islay whiskys like Laphroaig and Lagavulin. It is not uncommon for a dram to be sitting on the table next to my laptop while I am writing my nightly posts.

Beer-wise, Guinness and pretty much anything from Great Lakes Brewing Company. Wines – Red Zin, the bigger the better.

What say you?


(h/t Jonathan F. via the TTAK Facebook page)


  1. Marcus says:

    Cisk beer from Malta and Jameson’s Irish whiskey.

    1. I have quaffed a fair share of Jameson’s in my time. A bottle of 1780 is what I brought to Kenya with me when I went to Koobi Fora

  2. CJ says:

    Bushmills and Dr. McGillicuddy’s peppermint schnapps.

    1. AW1Ed says:

      +1 on Bushmills.

  3. stuartb says:

    You can pair knives and drinks. Opinel #6 and Pernod, a pointy Dirk with Scotch, cheap Kershaws with rice wine……

  4. Grindstone says:

    “pretty much anything from Great Lakes Brewing Company.”

    I’ve only recently discovered them, and I love it all. Being from Ohio but living in the south, I buy a bunch whenever visiting the folks back home. Oktoberfest is my wife’s must-have.

    But my ultimate favorite beer is Franziskaner. Liquor is Sailor Jerry spiced rum. Wine is anything red from Land Run winery.

    Blades; fixed, Mora. Folders, Kershaw. Axes, Cold Steel.

  5. sean says:

    i love good bourbon….i.e. blantons, eagle rare, my favorite value bourbon is Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon…same price as a bottle of jack, with that delicious single barrel taste. I also love a good scotch, Johnny Walker Platinum and the likes, but they are so expensive compared to great bourbon. Beer wise-I love everything domestic and craft beer, especially big bold IPA’s. I’ve only had like two wines i could drink.

  6. sean says:

    also that video is super ballin’. just watched it yesterday and it was really cool.

  7. cmeat says:

    pbr and hornitos reposado for my go to.
    rodenbach or bockor “cuvee des jacobins rouge” if i’m steppin’ it up.
    i’ll second the laphroaig.

  8. Guiness, yuengling, Johnny Walker.

  9. cmeat says:

    very sad sturry:
    i was gifted a bottle of 25yr old cask strength laphroaig. many years later i came home to the house reeking of booze. wifey had dropped it on the kitchen floor. it shattered.
    had i been home i’d have been wringing out the mop into a snifter. or on the floor with a straw.
    neither one of us knows what it tastes like.
    we’re still married.

  10. dph says:

    Deschutes, Black Butte Porter.

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Video: Anthony Bourdain visits Bob Kramer

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