Video: Beginner’s Guide To Basic Slash Defense

Doug Marcaida is a contractor who trains military and police units in hand-to-hand and edged weapon combat. Visualizing the numbers on a clock may help an aspiring operator anticipate and defeat a knife slash, but a short introduction like this only starts to scare the crap out of me. 

One defense Doug doesn’t mention? Running like hell. Which would definitely be my best bet, since I’m no aspiring operator.


  1. David says:

    Aside from a slash to the neck or to the arm/hand to disarm (not easy btw), slashing is a recipe for disaster. I respect Doug very much as a martial arts practitioner and teacher. As someone who has trained in FMA I can say that much of it is sound but much of it is not practical for modern, street combat w/ small blades.

    Guns and ammunition that cause wounds that would be considered too shallow do far more damage than knife slashes. In times past, men got killed AFTER giving deep sword slashes to opponents. At least w/ weak guns there might be some distance, w/ a blade you are standing in the furnace.

    With blades (and on your feet – not grappling) it is strictly neck up. Look at the literally scores of slash & stab wounds individuals in prison have received and not only have they survived but many were able to walk away. A slash can disable, or even kill, but not fast enough to ensure that the other guy does not maim or kill you. Your best chance at a very fast disabling of your opponent is a neck/head stab.

    The saying is true: The cut wounds, the thrust kills. Like w/ guns, penetration trumps wound channel size & expansion. However, you are most vulnerable when your blade “connects” either by slash or stab.

    In the only knife fight I have ever been in I ran once the other guy’s blade presented itself (it was just a fist fight before then). I followed the adage “charge a gun – run from a knife” and lived to tell the tale.

  2. Ryan says:

    My knife defense is pretty simple and I’ve trained it regularly, sometimes even in public, so I know it works. It involves both of my legs doing an opposite back and forth motion repeatedly until I’m very far away.

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Video: Beginner’s Guide To Basic Slash Defense

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