Video: Big Chris Berry wins Middle Tennessee Bladesports Cut

Big Chris’s competition cutter (via his Facebook Page)

While he has only been competing a short time, Chris Berry (Big Chris Custom Knives) has taken the Bladesports world by storm. As a knifemaker, he has had the ability to craft his own competition cutters – he is on his 4th one in a year in fact. As David Andersen has explained, this is an Achilles-heel to the development of the sport. The cost of a blade is a barrier to entry, and a non-makers ability to refine their cutter is limited.

Editorializing aside, congrats to Big Chris. It has been fun to watch him grow in the sport, and it has been fun to track the evolution of his blade design on social media.

The video below is of Chris’s incredibly clean winning run. It has gone viral with more than 1.2 million views on Instagram alone.



Way to go buddy. We are all very happy for you.


  1. Jason says:

    Congrats to Chris that was a good round, nice job.

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Video: Big Chris Berry wins Middle Tennessee Bladesports Cut

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