Video: Bloodroot Blades forges knives from recycled materials


Bloodroot Blades makes art-quality blades from reclaimed materials.

Normally hoplophobic Bloomberg Business just released this really nice mini-documentary on Bloodroot Blades, a Georgia knife company founded by David Van Wyk and Luke Snyder. They make their one-of-a-kind blades from all manner of reclaimed materials from car springs to salvaged brass from a sunken ship. While this is not a novel concept by any stretch (though it probably is to your average Bloomberg reader), the duo craft objets d’art with a 2 year waiting list.

From MADE: Bloodrood Blades forges knives from scrap metal:

“Everyone is different, so we work to curate the right pieces of wood and pieces of metal,” Snyder explains. The wood might come from a clarinet factory in Paris or from a pecan tree in the workshop’s yard. It could be maple cut down in Atlanta for a construction project and then discarded.

What matters is that no two knives by Bloodroot are exactly alike. “We’re very committed to the fact that the right knife for one person is not necessarily the right knife for another,” says Van Wyk. To custom fit the knives, they communicate with customers by phone or video chat or meet them in person at least once so they can address the details of each client’s grip and posture.

As I said, not a novel concept. However, the documentary video is exceptionally well done with production values much more professional than your typical YouTube video.You will need to sit through an un-skippable 30 second ad to view the video, but the 11 minute video is worth a watch.


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Video: Bloodroot Blades forges knives from recycled materials

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