Video: Convex-Grind Edge Sharpening Made Simple

I was pretty surprised to turn on my local TV news last night and see a short segment about a traditional Japanese bladesmith. I couldn’t embed the video (click here for that) but I found a wealth of Carter Cutlery videos on YouTube. Murray Carter makes traditional Japanese cutlery the (mostly) old-fashioned way, after spending years in Japan learning how. Masamune-san didn’t have Carter’s power hammer taking the place of three underpaid apprentices, but the grand master would hopefully approve of the final result.

For an island nation with few metal resources, Japan was quite the prodigy when it came to metalworking. Carter’s workshop is only a 20-minute drive from my house, and I’ve added him to the ‘gotta go see that’ list of NW knife makers.


  1. Sam L. says:

    I read somewhere that to resharpen convex edges, use a soft underlayment, like a mouse-pad, with wet-or-dry paper (wet) on it.

  2. crndl says:

    nice video, thank you for sharing. nice that that level of skill has hopped over to this continent too. reminds me of a national geo show years ago about “living treasures of japan,” one of whom was a nth generation sword maker. fascinating.

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Video: Convex-Grind Edge Sharpening Made Simple

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