Video: Ed Schemmp Discusses The Spyderco Navaja


The original Spanish navaja, like the one pictured here, can possibly be considered one of the world’s first defensive folding knives. It was such a credible defensive (and offensive) weapon that carrying one was a capital offense under Napoleanic occupation.

Little wonder that designer Ed Schemmp chose it as the inspiration for his Spyderco Navaja, which he discusses in the short video below.

The $150 Navaja, with its ratchet-opening S30V blade, is fairly uncommon. It looks a bit unwieldy for an EDC, but I could be wrong about that. I’m really curious how that unusual blade profile performs at routine cutting tasks, and looking for a T&E sample to find out.




  1. TxPECE says:

    I picked one up last month. Very impressive, except the ratcheting sound goes away after a couple dozen uses. Of the ethnic line, I like the Valloton SubHilt just a little bit better mainly due to the pseudo Italian switchblade styling.

  2. pastubbs says:

    I’ve been wanting one of these since the first time I seen one. The problem is I like customs. Most of my collect[small collection] are customs. There are so many knives on my list I never get around to buying a production knife. This is among the top though along with a ZT 056x and Spyderco Southard and Zulu and Benchmade Adamas. Well you get the point and then there’s still the customs I run across at shows. In fact my wallet cried as I booked tickets for blade show; Blade Show here I come.

  3. Pat says:

    The ones I find interesting are large (folding swords) like the Cold Steel Espada.

  4. racer88 says:

    I’ve got one and like fondling it very much. The “carraca” still works after much fondling. I haven’t carried it or used it for cutting anything, yet. But, it’s a beaut!

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Video: Ed Schemmp Discusses The Spyderco Navaja

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