Video: Forging a katana from a coil spring

forging katana from coil spring

It has been a while since I have been sucked into a time-lapse forging video, but this one got me. It is by Jake Fowler of Jake’s Custom Knives. Jake is a 22 year old maker who seems to specialize in forging blades from reclaimed steel. His “About Jake” page is really thorough, and apparently he is self-taught via YouTube. He picked up a lot of what makes a good knifemaking video along the way, because his are extremely well done.

I dove deeper down the rabbit hole that is his YouTube Channel, and I really liked this trench-knife from gears build I found.  Unlike springs, which may have micro-cracks from flex-cycles, gears are not subjected to this manner of stress. They are usually made from extremely hard steel as well.



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Video: Forging a katana from a coil spring

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